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God is met through one

God is met through or in one as one, but one as more and God as more. And even though one will be servant before God and God one’s true and only Master, God will bring one up into a higher position with gladness and joy and with all the power and authority of the heavens and even with all the power of riches. And one will no longer be God’s servant, but one will want to serve God forever with gladness and joy and in abundance no matter how high God puts one…


The more one knows about the inspiring word

The more one knows about the inspiring word, the more the inspiring word will open up to one; the less one knows, the less the inspiring word will open up to one. So, get interested in the inspiring word so that the inspiring word which is the breath of God can respond to one or in one and with compounded interest because when God responds to one God not only responds with gladness and with joy and God also responds with the grandiose feeling of abundance but God also responds to one with a very grandiose promise having to do with power and riches.

Abundance and Salvation

To truly come to understand the things of God is the best of riches there is here in the very earth as in the heavens. God truly is the only complete portion or perfect portion, because God truly is abundance and salvation. That is to say, because of God being complete or being perfect thus God renews himself through abundance and through salvation. God takes from God Himself to renew himself or to be reborn and thus God becomes not only for Creator but also God becomes for abundant savior…

The true abundance

When one truly has the true abundance, thus others now want to give to one much more; they even offer with their hearts even though they may not know one. Because in truth, true abundance renews or give one rebirth and because of one becoming in truth renewed thus the world also wants to be renewed or reborn through one, but the renovation or the rebirth comes through knowledge after the true abundance. And he that is renewed or that is reborn after the abundance, which is in truth complete prosperity and riches with complete power to be able to make them for much more, thus he in truth will be the living light of the world because he in truth has overcome alive through true knowledge of life!

Thus in truth, for he being reborn through true abundance thus he also has become as the true abundance!

Money and everything

Money in truth never was, never is and never will be everything. And even though in truth riches or prosperity is the first thing that God offers to one because of God one in truth finding, riches or money only is and forever will be a part of one. The problem is that if one makes money everything, then the other parts or other things that were about to come will never come and that which comes thus comes because of money as part of money.

Now then, all riches or all prosperity that comes to one is not free from tests or is not free from temptations! The tests or the temptations are so that one can ask for knowledge or ask for acknowledgement and one can in truth be reborn in the riches or in prosperity because the good pleasure of God is that one is reborn in riches or in prosperity. That is, that one after the riches of God or the prosperity of God can be reborn!


Affliction has untold riches, plunder it! Affliction has unseen kingdoms, to the spoils! But not self-affliction for self-affliction only serves the enemy of life. True affliction is missing the loving grace of the Father and lacking the good knowledge of the Father. And that affliction has a true or has a royal purpose. It is to refine as gold the afflicted so that he can be righteous and when he is called, the title of righteousness will be given to him with voice and all!