Monthly Archives: May 2015

Without gladness and without joy

Be glad and joyful because without gladness and without joy there will not be rebirth in life to in truth continue with life and continue with life in abundance, in double abundance!

Do not be taken in, for faith has a double edge as if a sword!  One in truth does for one to continue in one.  One can do for another, but not so that that other can stop doing or stops from being for himself.  For, one is the platform of one and not of another.  One is beloved of God for one and not beloved for another and according to what one does with that real love, thus one will be recognized or acknowledged in life into new life!

The law and rebirth

With only a man receiving, and receiving because of being born alive, the law or the blessing, that man is renewed or is as being born again.  And because of that new birth, that man will seek and seek until that new birth is completed as a child is truly  completed as a man.

Doing multiplies one

When one has learned the good or the bad, then one has become as two.  For, learning or doing multiplies one and one becomes more complete but not limited.  One only becomes limited by doing the bad learned; but through the good done by one, one becomes refreshed or renewed, a very grandiose reward for doing the good…

The two which are one when one gives

God is one, but since God is a God of action, God is as much as one and as much as two and even as much as three.  God gives or God grants as one and God is there as one to receive, but God appears God as three to testify to the received.  And if the one who receives is one with God, then everything adds to one.

Who when he gave or granted, did not feel as the other when the other received?  Thus, he who gives or he who grants feels as two or even as three or more!

Wisdom of heart

Wisdom of heart or wisdom from the heavens above is as a lightning or a flash, which comes as inspiration or as a small consul to the spirit of the man who already has knowledge of God, but that lightning or that flash or that small consul leaves much quicker than it arrived!

That is the reason that the beloved of God who is inspired has to grab pen and paper so that he lives through the light so that others through the light can see and through seeing, know and through knowing, live!

A vessel named soul

The human being is an empty vessel named soul, but the empty vessel named soul and which is feminine, cannot be filled with the things of the earth.  But that empty vessel named soul and which is feminine can really be filled and completed with the joy of God.  And every empty vessel alive which seeks of God, God himself will grant that joy of God so that that vessel in truth is filled and complete but by multiplying that joy granted by God.  And when the great day arrives, God himself will ask for the interest of that joy granted by God.  And if the empty vessel named soul continues to be an empty vessel, then it will be broken by death as God has spoken and in truth it will be thrown as an empty vessel as nothing into nothing.

Past times

He who said that past times were better times, he knew not God or of God! Because in truth, God is the hope that brings gladness and joy and if one does because of the gladness and because of the joy, gladness and joy will give rebirth to one and God will acknowledge one with gladness and with joy as reborn alive and it will be as if one were born for the very first time!

The law of God and the law of man

The law of God truly transcends infinite boundaries, unlike the law of man which depends on them. The law of man is not only to limit man in his very society, but the law of man is to limit man to any other realm, such as rebirth or a much greater life!

Now then, the law of God as Creator is not to limit, but the law of God as Creator is to show that there is no limit with God as Creator. The law of God as Creator as is the very light, is to show or is to allow one to know that there is truly something much greater and that one can take the very form of that which is much greater when one truly humbles to and for the much greater through the much greater!