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Life is a point of view

The hot attaches to the cold and not the cold to the hot. Light spreads out through darkness even though darkness tries to cover the light as if a canopy or a foreskin. The sky is above the earth when one looks from the north, but when one looks from the south the sky is below the earth and the earth can also be on the east or the west side of the sky if one looks from there. And so life is a point of view, but the greater or the higher or the taller that point of view, the greater or the higher or the taller is life or the greater or the higher or the taller the identity of that life.


When one entered into space or into the world

When one entered into space or into the world, one entered as knowledge and space or the world humbled and allowed one to take the space or the part of the world which belonged to one for one being born and for what one was going to do in the world, such as grow and even to expand as if the very light…

And when one entered into space or into the world, one also received the other four portions that also belonged to one, such as to see, to breathe or to smell, to eat or to taste and also to feel on the skin. But already one of the portions, which give a total of five portions, already one was using and that portion was the portion of hearing because before one was born into the world, already one was listening even though without understanding…

Interestingly, that one heard the world before one knew the world. In other words, one already knew through hearing that outside in the world was more and that the world waited for one for more so that for more the world presented or humbled or offered itself…

And when one was born, one was given identity but according to the identity which oneself presented to the world. But every identity also has the identity of contender because of one being born alive and having to do in the world to not only survive and maintain with life but also having to do to revive or be reborn or receive a greater identity and maintain oneself with new life until the end of the times…

A Greater Identity

Movement gives knowledge and knowledge gives form or gives reform, but understanding or acknowledgement or a greater identity is in one or is one when one gives knowledge or gives acknowledgement that there is one greater than one and that one is also much higher than oneself…

And because of one doing that act of acknowledgement, thus one also will be among the great or one will be among the tall because the great or the tall will acknowledge one with the very same acknowledgement which one acknowledged with…

Existence or life is all based on knowledge and acknowledgement. Knowledge is to take form and with form be born. And once one has being born and knows one’s form, with one’s form do to achieve the acknowledgement which will transform one or will give to one the new form or reform or a greater identity of life and so that with life one can continue without one ever having to know death because that new life renews and it renews not only with gladness and with joy but also life renews or is reborn with all abundance of knowledge, of peace and of prosperity and one also will be the very light of one which illuminates the night and the night will be as the very light…

Lack is made by something

Darkness does not shine but darkness is seen. Darkness is not solid but darkness is seen and even though darkness is seen, darkness is lack, lack of light. The same can be said about space. Space can be seen because of the lack, because of the lack of matter. And the same can be said about cold. Cold is felt for lack of heat or lack of warmth. Thus darkness, space or cold is negative knowledge or is lack of knowledge. But lack does not make herself because lack is made by something which cannot be seen or is not known but that it really is…

Peace and Knowledge

In the great majority of time there will be shadows or there will be darkness before the very light arrives, but he that rejected darkness even though in her, he came to know the light and because of her he will have consul and because of her he will rest to complete his form with what he truly presented himself with and he truly presented himself with knowledge to the world and the world truly confirmed him with his form because of his form speaking for him according to the very knowledge which he brought or he presented himself with. And his form will continue speaking and requesting for he until he can speak and can request for her and for her speak and request for her, but if he does not speak and does not request for his form, his form he will lose and because of losing his form he will stop from existing.

The letter of law and of love

He that takes the word of God for law, he forever will be deceived by the enemy of life because the enemy of life knew the law before the law was written or formed in the form of creation or in the form of light. But the enemy of life for a long time will take out of context or out of the light the word of God as law to first deceive man and later kill man before man realizes the deception of the enemy of life and man repents so that he does not have to die, because to die was because of lack of knowledge or because of lack of acknowledgement of God!

To see logic with an emotional eye

It is nearly impossible to see logic with an emotional eye as it is nearly impossible to move with nothing ahead. Logic makes sense when logic is complete, but the truth is that something that is complete makes no sense to something that is not complete, such as man, for man is not complete for man is a an empty vase, an empty vase which truly needs to be filled and filled with true knowledge of life by that which is truly complete with knowledge of life. But if something is already complete, then what need does it have to fill an empty vase? What logic or rationality can explain truly that?

The answer is thus very simple, as very simple as darkness and light. Light only shines in darkness as darkness is only because of the simple lack of light. And logic or the rational is complete or is perfect, so perfect in fact that it is solid, solid as a rock and being solid as a rock, logic or the rational does not even know or realizes, being truly complete and lacking nothing, that logic or that the rational exists!

Thus, the empty vase, which although empty, knows or realizes in its irrationality or lack of logic that it exists! Now, does not this lack of logic or this irrationality makes more sense? The truth is that logic or that the rational or that which is truly complete or truly perfect, truly allows for nothing! Thus, something makes nothing as perfection makes chaos! Does that make sense to you? Does the rational make possible the irrational because the rational does not know that the rational is complete because the rational is complete and lacks nothing?

Ironically, that in lacking nothing, the rational or logic or the logical lacks nothing! That is, in not lacking, it lacks because it lacks lack! And so lack came out about through an involuntary act or through no action at all! And so creation also was an involuntary act! Creation was never planned at all. Creation was simply the act of rationality and the lack of irrationality!

Well then, as involuntary is the greater part of voluntary, the irrational is the greater part of the rational as also is the illogical is the greater part of logic. And incomplete is the greater part of complete as emptiness or lack is the greater part of one or of man.

Because in truth, darkness was lacking and because darkness was lacking, light took to motion, which was also lacking, to complete darkness or to complete emptiness. In other words, because the irrational or the illogical was lacking thus the rational or the logical took to motion, which was also lacking, to complete the irrational or the illogical. Does that make any sense at all? Well, whether it is not, it is!

And so we exist as the light in space or in darkness or in emptiness through the very simple reason that there lacked lack even though there truly existed perfection or complete logic. But even though we are still empty vases or great vases of lack, we have the time, something that also lacked before the motion that also lacked, to become complete or to become perfect and keep the light still burning in space or in emptiness without the lack that brought or that created perfection, logic or the rational.

Therefore, the lack is made my one or in is made by something and the greatest lack that there can be is not only the lack of one but also the greatest lack that there can be is that lack not seen and because it is not seeing, it is because it is!