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One and another

In the very same moment which one stops from being one to be another or to pretend to be another that one does not even know, thus one never was one as either another! Not even God wants that one stops from being one, but rather, that one returns to one because one in truth is beloved of God because of one and one is not beloved because of another. And when God says son, son beloved, God has said it through God Himself toward oneself for being beloved of God and not for being another beloved of God toward another beloved.

Thus in truth, one is counted because of one and not because of another. That is to say, one is named because of one and with that name of one; one will live and will do if it is that one was born alive. And if one was born dead, even though the name given indicates life, of nothing will serve that name because one was given a name of another…

A name means many things

A person with a name means many things, such as that he was born or that he was adopted into life. But a name can be a double edged sword because the very name may not allow the name bearer to be something more in society. But the bearer must know or must understand that he was given a name for being born alive and for being born alive thus the bearer brought knowledge of life and of what he was going to do in life no matter what his name, limiting or not!

And even though his very name may have limits, the bearer does not because as soon as he learns or understands to ask, he can ask for the vey heavens and the very heavens are truly his, with power and all!

Two for a fight

It takes at least two for a fight. I am not a fighting man. I am more of a reasonable type; perhaps that is the reason that most people take advantage of me. But that is who I am: reasonable! And I like myself. In the beginning, not that I have become religious suddenly, one single man killed one-fourth of the human population. It seems that there are more bad people than good people because of that simple one time act. Perhaps that is because there are so many suckers as myself.

Yesterday is what is

Today belongs to yesterday and yesterday is what we have for tomorrow. Foolish heart, foolish as thought. How the heart makes us lonely and insignificant, making us in search of something unknown and suddenly making us jump into a fire so that we can’t suffer that lousy loneliness! And when we temporarily come out of that painful prison, too often we fall into a worse predicament. The people we now associate with are lonelier than we are, so lonely that they don’t even know it and so they find or create habits. And they live their lives as if there were no tomorrow, walking over the good people and the good things.

I am leaving so that I can exist, but to exist I must first create a space in my mind so that I can first exist there and thus always have my own place in reality.

Adding to life

To die was truly to stop from adding to life and to stop from adding to life was truly to take from life and he that takes from life is the enemy of life and the enemy of life is in truth enemy of God, God which life is in truth!

Now then, just as one presented oneself after birth alive in skin and bones to truly receive name of living or true knowledge of life, thus the very same thing one must do in life, which is truly to present oneself alive in skin and bones to receive name or title of life or true knowledge or rename or true acknowledgement of more life or of salvation of life.

Because in truth, without the name of life or without true acknowledgement of more life thus there will not be rebirth in life and without rebirth in life there will not be more life or any salvation of life!

To continue for dumb

If one pretends to be dumb and for being dumb brings one something, thus one will not stop from being dumb! But what can receive a dumb if not dumbness so that he can maintain dumb or so that he can continue pretending to be dumb? The truth is that what is received easily, easily takes away from one the grand struggle or the good desire to do the good labor! Because in truth, true knowledge which in truth is the good labor and reward, is for what is done and once one has for fact from oneself the knowledge, the knowledge will speak for one as one also will speak for the knowledge. And once one begins to speak for the knowledge, one does not have to go to seek or to go to arrive, because now everything will come to one, even the very heavens and all their content!

Because in truth, when one speaks for knowledge as once knowledge in truth spoke for one because one did in truth for that very same knowledge, thus the very heavens and all of their very content in truth will respond here on the very earth to one for one through acknowledgment!

God is personal

God is very personal and according to the person thus in truth God also is. In truth there are not two or three men or even more that can feel or see God for the same. But if those two or if those three men or even more are recognized by God as sons beloveds of God, thus they also will be in truth as God! And all of them will feel or will be seen equal for equal and through them God will be seen because God is seen through the son beloved. That is to say, through the son beloved is seen the glory of the Father and even though there may be more than one son beloved, the glory of the Father will be seen equal because even though everyone shines or illuminates with his own light, the light is the same…

To he that God gives from knowledge

That which is of God only knows or only understands God and the son that God gives from the knowledge of son beloved of God. Because in truth, every servant or every vase of clay that does the will of the Creator, thus every servant or every vase of clay will be adopted as servant beloved or vase beloved. That is, it will be granted the knowledge by God of servant beloved of God or vase beloved of God. And according to what that servant beloved or that vase beloved in truth does with that knowledge of beloved of God, thus beloved will again be adopted by God as son beloved of God. And as the son beloved of God, the son beloved will have the knowledge or the understanding of God.

Because in truth, from the dust of the very earth will rise and take form the son beloved of God and to God that son beloved will present so that God as very Father recognizes His very son beloved…

When it is not imposed

When the parents do not impose on the sons, the sons as bad imitation impose on the parents, creating chaos. And chaos is a separation the sons imposed and they are the only ones that can in truth lift it but they will not do it because in truth the separation was not because of something, but the separation was in truth because of lack of something, more as the lack of attention from the parents and since the lack is what the sons know, in lack the sons will stay or desire to stay…

Do not deny through teaching

Do not deny if your son has something to offer you through your own teaching, but do not let yourself be taken in by your son for what is his. Because in truth, the son that has done the will of the father, the father will call him and the father will tell him and the son will leap as a kid filled with gladness and with joy and that gladness and that joy in the now good son also will bring a renewing smile to the father.