Money and everything

Money in truth never was, never is and never will be everything. And even though in truth riches or prosperity is the first thing that God offers to one because of God one in truth finding, riches or money only is and forever will be a part of one. The problem is that if one makes money everything, then the other parts or other things that were about to come will never come and that which comes thus comes because of money as part of money.

Now then, all riches or all prosperity that comes to one is not free from tests or is not free from temptations! The tests or the temptations are so that one can ask for knowledge or ask for acknowledgement and one can in truth be reborn in the riches or in prosperity because the good pleasure of God is that one is reborn in riches or in prosperity. That is, that one after the riches of God or the prosperity of God can be reborn!


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