Monthly Archives: March 2015

What makes possible impossible

The biggest part of impossible is possible.  What makes possible impossible is doubt or disbelief.  What makes doubt or disbelief is one putting oneself before there is a crossing.  And of course, one cannot cross, thus making the cross impossible.  And the biggest part of possible is one because one is in front of, one is practically in the middle of and one is at the end of what is possible as impossible.

The eighth month

The eighth month, how it lies! The eighth month, when the good summer is almost over and most of the living get joyful and get glad when they themselves see the leaves turn mostly red and the good harvest is over, the eighth month, how it lies!

And that is the month of October, which hides in the tenth month. I was born in the eighth month but not the eighth month of October nor the tenth. And December is ten and not twelve and November is nine and not eleven. And if we live and work daily with these little lies, how much of a lie is our faith of God the good and loving Creator?

The lie is the greater part

For a cent that lacks, the dollar will not be completed and for not being completed, in debt one has stayed.  For a degree that lacks or for a degree that is too much, one has travelled in vain.  For a word misunderstood or mispronounced or a coma or a period put in the wrong place, thus the inheritance is lost.  For the same, for the same is belief for lie is the greater part!

A crippled image

I am a crippled image, not even straight under my own eyes, often leaning toward the shadow. I ask not for riches or long life, but for wisdom and for understanding, wisdom and understanding to walk straight and erect through the narrow and long path, the path that not too many have walked and told, but those who will walk and complete in that path will never die, not even once! Beloved Father, remember me while I am still here and while there is still fear of you in my bones.

Raining over wetness

Trapping moisture; snowing over snow, thus making it colder;
heat over heat, making one bolder!  A brief and thin line,
signifying the motion of time, showing me briefly once again
that I am before eternity and finite, before immortality and mortality!
And so the more I die, the more I lean to lie before the final bedding.

An unseen road

Hope is an unseen road.
At times hope is a very narrow street,
an avenue or even an unexpected detour!
Hope like the flower in the plant is to attract
that which already is. And joy will bring one to that reality!
One can hurry hope by being joyful and thankful as graceful.
But pause from being joyful and from being thankful as graceful
and one has paused hope or one has paused the thing waited for.
And being anxious will also keep away the things planted in hope.
Thus, anticipate in joy and the thing planted in hope will get there fast enough.

She left me with nothing

I gave everything so that she could have more,
but she left me with nothing.
And a very heavy emptiness that hurts!
And although she is also with nothing,
there will always be another that will give all to have nothing.

For, he who gives to nothing, thus nothing will he have.
But he who gives to another who has everything,
he who gives will have more of what he himself gave
simply because he knew how to give to another who had it all.

Yesterday is what is

Today belongs to yesterday
and yesterday is what we have for tomorrow.
Foolish heart, foolish as thought.
How the heart makes us lonely and insignificant,
making us in search of something unknown
and suddenly making us jump into a fire
so that we can’t suffer that lousy loneliness.
And when we temporarily come out of that painful prison,
too often we fall into a worse predicament.
The people we now associate with are lonelier than we are,
so lonely that they don’t even know it and so they find or create habits.
And they live their lives as if there were no tomorrow,
walking over the good people and the good things.

It is time to awaken

When a stranger of another language
or of another land writes or speaks better than you,
it is time to awaken!
But do not be ashamed.
It is not that he has two brains,
but that you added to his. And in gratitude,
he simply proves it by writing or by speaking as clear as you.
The thing is that you have gotten so used to clearness,
that you simply cannot see or hear in the clearness!
It is like a fish.
A fish cannot see or cannot realize the water around
until the water is but lacking!