Monthly Archives: January 2017

The ultimate particle

The ultimate particle or the ultimate piece or part is that very same particle or piece or part that started everything. And that is conscious thought, but conscious thought is only found in conscious living beings. And conscious living beings only come about through birth alive and the struggle to not only survive but also to understand or become aware that they exist and then do something about it, such as do for the knowledge of rebirth so that knowledge of rebirth they can have and be renamed into a higher conscious existence or awareness.

To oneself

To oneself, one is the worst of enemies. When one wants the most to really multiply, the more one divides. And when one has to divide, one becomes much less. And the reason for that truly is because of lack of knowledge or because of the lack of a greater or a higher or taller identity. That is to say, because of one not knowing the greater capability that truly is in one or with one thus one cannot do more than one until that greater or higher or taller identity truly is rediscovered.

Life is a point of view

The hot attaches to the cold and not the cold to the hot. Light spreads out through darkness even though darkness tries to cover the light as if a canopy or a foreskin. The sky is above the earth when one looks from the north, but when one looks from the south the sky is below the earth and the earth can also be on the east or the west side of the sky if one looks from there. And so life is a point of view, but the greater or the higher or the taller that point of view, the greater or the higher or the taller is life or the greater or the higher or the taller the identity of that life.

With the Knowledge Lent

The God of one truly is one. With the knowledge of one that one has lent or one has given or one has granted to God, thus knowledge God will present to one or God will give to one or God will grant to one, but that knowledge which God lends or gives or grants to one is so that one becomes as major since one made God major because of one lending God knowledge of one…

A Very Simple Illustration

The word begins with a very simple illustration of how one enters into where already one is or was in complete or in perfect harmony, the five portions of life before birth and of new life after rebirth, which are gladness and joy, abundance of substance or of plenitude, and peace and knowledge or acknowledgement of life in life to continue in life here on the very earth as if in the very heavens…