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The Lie Discovered

A great lie was invented by a man to hurt other men but that first man was considered as the truth herself because no other man had found out the lie, but when a man did discover the lie, that man was considered and labeled a betrayer and even a greater liar and even a murder.

And time goes on by and men keep on dying as the liar intended but he that seeks the truth, the truth will send him free and she will speak for him until he is refined as the truth.


True love completes

When one truly loves, one’s half becomes another’s complete half, because true love completes what needs to be completed and true love adds to what is already is complete. Now, the truth, no matter how small, completes all the rest because the truth, no matter how small, is always complete and being complete, the truth completes.

When peace becomes a bore

When the peace of man becomes a bore, the war of man it brings! But the peace of God, which is true peace, thus brings true knowledge of God and true knowledge of God also brings true gladness and true joy of God and true gladness and true joy of God give rebirth to one so that one continues as new in all truth as the very truth!

Of what was is what is

Of what truly was thus it is and what will truly come will truly come because it truly is. That is, it is truly formed or it is given true knowledge from what truly is or from what truly has arrived. Because in truth, what really arrives brings true knowledge but true knowledge of what already really was.