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I will not go quietly with death

I will not go quietly with death to death and serve her dead forever. I will struggle or content with every breath and faith which God has allowed to me. I will seek the truth with all my heart, body and mind until I find her. And once she presents herself to me thus I will truly be free as she because I will become as her, the very truth!

And death will run from me as I once ran from her. And she will never ever again test me or put my life in danger and therefore test God also, because I will become the will of God. And the will of God is for me to become, if I truly which it so, the savior beloved of God as God has already became my Savior Beloved…

Birth and Rebirth

Birth is to come out from the entrails of a man and enter into the entrails of a woman and within her struggle or contend for peace and for knowledge. And once one has overcome, one will receive the peace and the knowledge to take the form of a child or the form of a son. And once one’s form is completed as a child or as a son, be born alive into the entrails of the world and within her once again struggle or contend for the peace and for the knowledge of rebirth to be able to continue in the entrails of the world but continue as a new child or as a new son…

Now then, rebirth is done through one’s very request for the peace and for the knowledge or the acknowledgement from above for one to be able to continue in life right here on the very earth as if in the very heavens and with one’s very form and as if one never ever struggled or as if one never ever contended because one will feel as if one were always in this grandiose state of grace and of glory…

Without the challenge

Without the simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the simple motion, simple because everything needed to overcome is there, thus the trophy or the recompense, which is life, truly would be useless and in vain. The simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the very simple run is so that there is departure from the loving grace and through the lack of the loving grace, lack when before there was so much that one could not see, now see the abundance that was and through the simple challenge or the simple struggle or even the simple motion or run thus one returns to the loving grace so that everything can be united through one as forever new.

Stolen knowledge and nakedness

Stolen knowledge not only brings complete nakedness, but also stolen knowledge brings complete emptiness even though that stolen knowledge is true knowledge.

Because in truth, true knowledge is for those that truly worked or that truly struggled for that true knowledge and that true knowledge truly will justify them and dress them also with the true colors of righteous.

Thus those that justify themselves have stolen knowledge not belonging to them and because of that they are completely naked and also completely empty, but that complete emptiness does not allow them to be more…

To struggle with what cannot be seen

It is way too much easier to struggle or to fight with what can be seen and is. But to truly struggle or to truly fight with what cannot be seen thus one needs true knowledge so that with true knowledge present oneself and be seen and see oneself for more because for more one presented to the world and the world became for more because of one.

God is a struggle

God is a struggle to know or to acknowledge before time expires. And if one acknowledges God, God will acknowledge one as beloved of God and extends one’s life as beloved and as beloved of God one could also be acknowledged savior beloved of God if one acknowledges God savior beloved of one.

The unknown struggle

The more difficult is to know the struggle, thus longer and thus harder or more difficult will that unknown struggle be. Thus to be able to truly overcome, one needs true knowledge and true knowledge is asked for from he that grants true knowledge. And the only one that truly can grant true knowledge to do and to overcome is only God, but God does not grant if of God is not asked or requested.

Without royal knowledge

Without true knowledge, of nothings serves the victory and the victory without true knowledge is another battle or struggle for true knowledge or acknowledgement.

Now then, the very same as above is with belief. Without true knowledge of nothing really serves belief. Because in truth, according to the true knowledge which with one presents oneself to life, thus one will truly be acknowledge into life!