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Life is a request for more

Life truly is a request or a presentation for more. Life is a multitude and once one is born one can also become that multitude.

God is the giver or the granter of conscious life because God is a higher consciousness but even though God is the giver or the granter of conscious life, God does not obligate anyone beyond consciousness because conscious beings should seek a higher consciousness which is God or with God.

And as life is a receiver, God is the giver. Life is the request and God is the grant. And if a conscious being wants a higher consciousness or an expansion of mental consciousness or a greater state of mind thus he requests from God the higher consciousness and God will grant because He also will receive what He gives or grants…


To truly become self-sufficient one must, therefore, seek God and God will truly grant to one the knowledge to thus become self-sufficient as God is therefore self-sufficient.

God is not an all mighty or an all sufficient God and Creator or Doer looking down to put down a poor soul or life, but God is an all mighty looking up to one no matter how low one is, because he knows that what is low is what makes the high.

Those that seek about immortality

Those that truly seek about or for immortality, thus they truly already have made a space for her and she will allow them to enter into her as immortals or adopted sons of hers when she truly is granted by God, because immortality truly is of God but she will not be denied to any man that does for God or that presents God for much more than his Creator.

To Know of God

He that seeks of God to prove that God does not exist or that God is not necessary in the life of the human being, thus he will find lack of God but because of his very own lack of God.

But he that seeks of God to know or to know of God, thus he will know or will know of God, because God Himself will grant him the true knowledge of God and the life of he will never ever be the same again because now as also forever God will be everything to him.

Giving thanks completes

Things are truly enjoyed more when one gives thanks. And if the thing asked for comes but is not as asked, thus giving thanks completes it. Now, to give thanks is to ask truly for the presence of God so that not only one can truly enjoy what one has received with gladness and joy but also so that God also can truly enjoy with gladness and joy what one received or the thing one requested from God. But the truth is that God will present himself with gladness and with joy and even with his loving grace and truly enjoy himself when the thing one requests from God is asked from God but according to the will of God and not according to one’s will.

With the Knowledge Lent

The God of one truly is one. With the knowledge of one that one has lent or one has given or one has granted to God, thus knowledge God will present to one or God will give to one or God will grant to one, but that knowledge which God lends or gives or grants to one is so that one becomes as major since one made God major because of one lending God knowledge of one…

God is the only one that truly can grant to one

God is the only one that truly can grant to one the entrance to the next thinking mode or mode of understanding or of consciousness or of new life because God opens or God expands one’s mind so that one can take the knowledge and be transformed into that very knowledge without one having to travel or exist from one side to another and much less go up to the heavens because with every new state of mind or of consciousness or of life one feels right here on the very earth as if in the very heavens because of one feeling in complete harmony…

The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God truly is not about ever entering, but the Kingdom of God truly is about forever receiving. And receiving truly is about being renamed alive from above by God who truly grants or who truly gives in abundance, in double abundance, in double abundance, which truly can be up to five grandiose portions!

All of the entering and all of the exits of life are closed once one is born, but the only entrance or exit is of death if one dies. But death is the only entrance or exit which leads to nowhere because death truly is the end of any other possibility.

Now, the Kingdom of God is not as it was painted by the dead or by those that are about to be dead because if they truly knew about the Kingdom of God, they would be in the Kingdom of God as God! They also would know that the Kingdom of God has everything to do with the earth and with man, but with the earth as in the very heavens and man as the very son beloved of God and God as the very Father of every man alive.

Now then, life alive has nothing to do with death or with dying because nothing comes out from death. Death came after life because of life deviating from life or from the continuation of life and death is the end of life.

To die was not to achieve life with God

To die was not to achieve life with God because to continue with life one has to continue life with God but with God as much more than Creator and one as much more than one or than servant beloved of God. Thus, the more one makes God or the more one knows or one recognizes God, the more God will be to one and because of one being more to God, God will become for much more every time God does for one or God grants to one the request of one that one makes toward God.