Monthly Archives: May 2019

Do not dream

Do not have dreams because they will turn into nightmares, especially when you share them with other people.

But instead, have personal goals and do not share them with other people because nobody wants you to be higher or taller than they are…

But give thanks to God with your voice when you are alone or by yourself for your goals and He will bless you for thinking of Him and acknowledging or presenting Him…

The greater part of confidence is I

The greater or the taller part of confidence is one or is I.

Life is one or I and when one, no matter the friction, does the movement for life, she can become a passion, the greater or taller part of life as one is the greater or taller part of her.

But the only way to become confidence in one or I or life is through passion, a passing from the negative or low self-esteem into a neutral point and thus getting it on with one or I.

When one has a real purpose or goal

When one has a real purpose or goal and acts upon he or and her thus one moves with power or with energy or even with gladness and joy.

One even smiles more often and thus shortening every mile or hour or even the day as even the week as the month…

If your purpose or goal is not moving you with gladness and joy, with power or energy and even as if you were a higher or taller authority, then change your purpose or goal.

Now then, a true purpose or goal is a personal purpose or goal.

Many people do not achieve or complete their purpose or goal because they actually started someone else goal to please them but they will actually please no one and wasted their limited time…