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The Form of Fathers

It is very difficult or even practically very impossible the life of a man that cannot say father or mother or even say both while father or mother or even both are still alive…

Because in truth, it is very difficult or even very impossible to say father or mother to some strangers that do not have the form of fathers, more like parents…

In the same manner, it is very difficult or even very impossible to say son to one that was abandoned and that now presents himself with the figure or with the form or with the vase of a man, because that figure or that form or that vase of a man lacks the grandiose identity of son…


To sin and die

To lose life was because of sin and to sin was to die and to die was to lose every possibility of reviving or of rebirth because to revive or to be reborn one requires life. To sin was to deviate from the road toward life and to live in vain as an empty vase which never filled and because of never filled the vase was thrown to a side as nothing or as of vanity.

A vase of honor

Man is the only clay vase that really speaks, but he uses his speech to complain instead of praising the clay Maker. And according to the praise, the clay Maker could praise back and rename the clay vase a preferred vase, a vase of honor. For in truth, the son beloved of God will come out because of praise…

The very best vase

It is very wise to have two vases, one to fill and the other to empty. But the very best vase is that vase which fills as it empties. And that vase is one, because one becomes complete as one divides to multiply and when there is one left, it is because one has subtracted a lot to be complete!

An empty soul

An empty soul is an empty vase which has very few stains and it is a vase very easy to clean and to fill. In other words, it is much easier to convince someone of the truth who does not know the truth then to convince someone who believes what the truth is. Thus seek the truth so that you can be the very truth and be free of any other belief!

To believe is not to know

To believe is not necessarily to know the truth. Because a man believes himself to be wise, that belief does not make him wise. True belief is that belief which has taken the believer to be the very truth! Now then, the truth is a vase of God and when one becomes a real vase of God through believe, thus one is the truth and the vase of God which God uses according to his good pleasure!