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Most tears are not cried for those who arrive

Most tears are not cried for those who arrive, but for those who left dead and will always and forever stay there dead. Life is about life and the expanding of life first through birth alive and then through rebirth alive once the living being becomes conscious or self-aware. And once the living being becomes conscious or self-aware thus the conscious being really has the grandiose opportunity of rebirth or of life renewed or of becoming savior beloved and a step closer to life eternal.


As the Spider the Web

As the spider the web man the trap but both know it not that the trap they set may be their last because the web may catch something too large to sting and the spider may end dead…

And the trap of man is his mouth and the sting is his lie and he may catch a greater lie because to lies man is always available…

And the greater lie man can catch is to believe that with death there is more, but the thing is that once dead man cannot ever open his mouth neither to lie nor to tell the truth, not that he will know or have the truth when dead because even though man will be dead he forever will lie…

One Overcomes through the Mind

One can only overcome through the conscious mind and never ever one can overcome through being dead or never ever one can overcome through death or never ever one can overcome through what another had said that he did for one so that one did not have do and neither one had to die because supposedly the other already has overcome death and one only has to die once or die that first time to triumph for other that is no longer nor is able to speak for himself.

Existence as also is creation

Existence as also is creation and as also is faith truly is completely based on knowledge. And even though knowledge already exists, one must do for knowledge so that with that act of doing or with that act of the motion, one can truly receive knowledge so that one can take that form of that knowledge and one also can be born through her and be born alive, because without form nothing is born, even being born dead, is born with form!

To truly listen

According to how one presented to the world at birth, thus one was recognized or conformed to the world by the world! If one presented one dead to the world thus there is nothing more to say or there is nothing more to confirm because the dead cannot hear to be able to respond.

But if one was born alive, thus for what one has presented thus one will be truly conformed to life and as one, one will do and as one, one will see and also as one, one will know and one will listen and grow through what one presented as the same as those that conformed one to the world will see one do, see one see and also know and listen and grow through one. And they will even call one through what they truly know of one. In other words, the world will see or will know one through what one presented of one and the world will see one or will know one through what one do through one.

The lie has being the greater part of man

The lie weighs one down, but the truth lifts one high, very high as to the very heavens and the truth also makes or acknowledges one the very truth here on the very earth. The lie has being the greater part of man and the lie also is in most of what man believes. The lie was invented by someone with true knowledge because that someone was not acknowledged the use of that true knowledge with all power and with all authority because that power and that authority were for man. And because of the lie of that someone, man through life acted on the lie and very great was the fall of man because of dying through death until dead…

The dead philosophy of man

The philosophy of man was always dead because dead was born the philosophy of man, but soon the Great Philosopher, the Great Philosopher that invented true knowledge will bury the dead philosophy of man and will give rebirth to the philosophy of God so that man can live life and no longer fantasies about death.