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Most tears are not cried for those who arrive

Most tears are not cried for those who arrive, but for those who left dead and will always and forever stay there dead. Life is about life and the expanding of life first through birth alive and then through rebirth alive once the living being becomes conscious or self-aware. And once the living being becomes conscious or self-aware thus the conscious being really has the grandiose opportunity of rebirth or of life renewed or of becoming savior beloved and a step closer to life eternal.


To See Eternal Things

Things that are temporary though one that also is temporary things are seen, but that so one can truly see eternal things thus one must do to come to have the very grandiose opportunity of being eternal or of receiving the knowledge of eternal…

And to truly come to be eternal or receive the knowledge of eternal one must lend or give knowledge to the eternal and the eternal will become as if eternally new and the eternal will reconfirm one also eternal and as if eternally one eternally were as if new and also in eternal abundance…

Because in truth, because of knowledge one becomes eternal and because of being eternal one will eternally see the things eternal…

To be evident

With one’s head one enters into life. With one’s head one enters into the world. And once in the world, with one’s head one enters food and water to maintain the body with life. And through one’s very head one enters into the kingdom or one is reborn or born again or one truly receives acknowledgement from above to continual here in the kingdom with life eternal…

The punishment of death

The punishment of death is because of stopping from doing and not coming to know or because of stopping from completing the law or for stopping from completing the knowledge which one came to achieve or overcame for and now one denies recognition or one denies giving acknowledgement to.

Because in truth, denying recognizing or denying giving acknowledgement thus is death and death is eternal punishment, eternal punishment in where one can no longer do or overcome to be reborn.

The last punishment

To lend service is not to cure. To lend service is a service for pay or for reward and the true cure does not need a building or an occupation or even be outside of one.

Now then, life also is lent! Life is borrowed and because life is borrowed, life is unknown to one! And even though it is not being charged for her now, in the day of pay it will be charged with all interest! And he that cannot pay all the interest, thus he will pay with his very death! And death is the last punishment, but because of being last will become forever last because death was the first punishment which will become for last!

Thus in truth, one must treat life as the only son and as son beloved of one so that the Master and Owner of life gives us life and cancel our interests and lifts also the punishment of death and dwell in every one of us as eternal cure. Because in truth, God as eternal cure only will dwell in that man alive freed from death!

Be joyful!

The true smile, which also can be an eternal smile, was always in one, but the blows, the desolation and the hypocrisy of the world have swollen the face and the face have stained!

But sometimes one smiles with the face stained, but the stained face does not take form even though one truly smiled! But there is comfort, so be truly glad and truly joyful!

Because in truth, you can seek he that truly can with a single word give real form and he can also make things new, new forever, as an eternal smile!

Hidden beauty

Hidden beauty, even though eternal beauty, is useless beauty even though if real or if royal beauty. And there is no beauty, eternal or real, until someone says so…And there is nothing until someone says so…And if there is nothing, but no one to say so, then there is something, even if eternal nothing…