Monthly Archives: April 2015

To come to believe was to come to adopt

To come to believe or to come to have faith is to come to adopt and to come to adopt is to come in truth to respond. Believe or faith is not the answer, but rather, believe or faith is to wait for the belief or the faith to grow as a son and as a son, the faith manifests in life.

One was born in chaos

In the birth alive, one was born in chaos. That is, he that was born alive, he was born in chaos until the calm and the rest came for both parties, the party that was born and the party that received, and they both rested in joy. But in the birth in death, there is only chaos for one part, the receiving part because it could not give knowledge of life so that with knowledge of live given, continue in life and for life do.

In the birth alive, it was born as in double chaos, but with the knowledge of life given, it was known or it was adopted and it was reborn and it was revived as new in what already was…

When there is no death

There will be no more killing when there is no more dying or death. That is, it is killed because it dies. And when there is no dying or no death, thus there will not be killing because there cannot be dying or death!

Now, because of death thus things are temporary, even emptiness or space will stop from being empty! But because of life, which was first and because of being first, will be until the very end, things will be eternal!