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A Government for those that do not do

The government will never give me so that I am able to do something, such as excel or even become greater of what I am, but so that the government can pretend to do something and keep in power due to those that do not do and not because of those that do. But when there no longer is one that no longer does thus the government also will keep from being.

When one looks up into the Heavens

When one’s eyes are attached to the ground, nothing but the ground or dust one will see and eventually become or return.

When one stands on the shoulders of giants, one can only see what is in one’s heart and not what the giants see or feel.

But when one looks up into the heavens, no matter how low one is, one has confirmed greater things and greater things will confirm one greater as they become even greater.

As long as the Mass Endures

As long as the Mass Endures

As long as the mass or the multitude endures, thus there will be mass or multitude.  But if the mass does not renew or does not surpass or overcomes to continue for greater even though the very same size, thus the mass or the multitude will stop from being or from existing because of not doing for more.

But the true is that there never was a mass or a multitude which surpassed or overcame, because to surpass or overcome has everything to do with everyone or because of one as one.

That is, the victory truly is of one and once one overcomes thus the mass or the multitude stays behind and also stops from being because of stopping from doing as one…

Thus, the difference or the surpassing or overcoming is made by one as one but as much more and when one stops from doing for more, thus one also stops from being one.

So that one continues existing and one continues existing as more, thus one truly has to do with the knowledge of continuing existing or of surpassing or of overcoming or of renewing, which truly is a greater identity of one as more.

That greater identity of one as more truly is possible if one presents oneself for her as one once presented alive at birth and one was granted a greater identity if one was born or if one presented oneself as son, son thus was the identity of one.

And if one does as son because as son one was born or one presented oneself, thus one also will achieve a greater title as son beloved and one has become as if the first born of the father because of one becoming the son beloved of the father and the father also has become as if father for the first time even though that beloved son was son number eight because of his birth.

But even though that new identity could come with power and authority and also with riches in double abundance, which truly are the five portions of the son beloved, that new identity is limited because of death…

That is, even though one has the power and the authority is if the father himself and the riches of the father also are of one, one is limited because of death.

To be continued…

A Greater Identity

Movement gives knowledge and knowledge gives form or gives reform, but understanding or acknowledgement or a greater identity is in one or is one when one gives knowledge or gives acknowledgement that there is one greater than one and that one is also much higher than oneself…

And because of one doing that act of acknowledgement, thus one also will be among the great or one will be among the tall because the great or the tall will acknowledge one with the very same acknowledgement which one acknowledged with…

Existence or life is all based on knowledge and acknowledgement. Knowledge is to take form and with form be born. And once one has being born and knows one’s form, with one’s form do to achieve the acknowledgement which will transform one or will give to one the new form or reform or a greater identity of life and so that with life one can continue without one ever having to know death because that new life renews and it renews not only with gladness and with joy but also life renews or is reborn with all abundance of knowledge, of peace and of prosperity and one also will be the very light of one which illuminates the night and the night will be as the very light…

With every bit of knowledge which one achieves

With every bit of knowledge which one achieves or that one is justified with because of one truly doing for that bit of knowledge or for that justification, one truly will have the capability of knowing or of learning more or even of doing more with less effort. Also, one will have more confidence in oneself and one will do to be forever better or greater…

To add to the infinite

A writer, neither good nor bad, cannot sit and wait for things, neither good nor bad, to come to him so that he can be inspired and write what he understands, for nothing makes itself, neither good nor bad!

He that truly inspires to be a writer, good or bad, he has put himself before a very long crossing; but to truly achieve and see the infinite, that writer has to joyfully cross that very long crossing with pen and paper at hand and thus everything which that writer truly cannot see in the infinite, thus put or acknowledge!

Now then, the greater part of the infinite is the finite, which also can be one if one nothing does to add or nothing one does to put or acknowledge for more the infinite, because by one putting or acknowledging for more the infinite, the infinite will be more though one and the infinite will do more so that one becomes infinite by one doing for infinite.