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Life is a request for more

Life truly is a request or a presentation for more. Life is a multitude and once one is born one can also become that multitude.

God is the giver or the granter of conscious life because God is a higher consciousness but even though God is the giver or the granter of conscious life, God does not obligate anyone beyond consciousness because conscious beings should seek a higher consciousness which is God or with God.

And as life is a receiver, God is the giver. Life is the request and God is the grant. And if a conscious being wants a higher consciousness or an expansion of mental consciousness or a greater state of mind thus he requests from God the higher consciousness and God will grant because He also will receive what He gives or grants…

The Conscious Shield

Thinking or conscious thought will one day keep the universes or creation as well as mankind from collapsing. Conscious thought will be the conscious shield that will keep the simple universes or creation from collapsing or from imploding into a giant black hole or into a giant grave.

Conscious thought will be the conscious shield or the conscious energy that will one day really keep the simple human conscious mind or the human brain from physically collapsing or from physically imploding also into a hole or into a grave, thus saving the physical universes or saving creation and thus completing or really perfecting physical Existence or physical creation!

The final reality of the matter is that as long as there is conscious thought in the physical universe or physical universes, the physical universes or physical creation will not collapse or will not implode or will not even turn on itself.

The reality of the matter is that there was only one physical creation or only one physical beginning, actually a physical continuation of what already was. As long as there is conscious thought, only one physical beginning or only one physical continuation or only one physical creation will be so until infinity!

Neutral Point

No one can really come to a higher or mayor or better point without first coming to a neutral point or point of consul.

No one can really come out from a negative point and enter into a positive point, especially when that negative point is very low and thus becoming as if a higher point.

Thus in truth, one must first seek a neutral point, such as peace, which will refresh the seeker and the seek obviously will become as if new and now could enter into the positive point no matter how low is that point because the seeker truly has become taller of what he once was.

But so that that neutral point truly functions and refreshes the seeker, thus the seeker must truly have a major or taller or better goal.

Thus, to complete the neutral point, what causes or what makes it possible is a principal goal, which truly will bring a major position or identity.

When the Heavens became Greater or Taller

The heavens no matter how great or tall they are the heavens need the earth as much or even more as the earth needs the heavens.

And without the earth thus there would not be any heavens because before the earth, there was only heaven and when the earth came to be or was named or was separated from heaven, heaven became greater or taller as the heavens.

And there is nothing that the heavens will not do for the earth as long as the earth humbles to the heavens for more because the heavens know that they will be greater or taller from the simple humbles from the earth for more…

Now, the earth is living man and the heavens are the different realms of God and God is one.

In other words, the earth is conscious man and the heavens are different or other consciousness or simply put, man is the conscious mind and the heavens are other conscious mode and God is the brain…

In ancient times he freed my mind

In ancient times he freed my mind to see in what time or stage of life I really was and so that at the same time I knew my life but I got taken in by her and did not comply with my vision.

And with her I was driven from him and I was in desolation for a long time, but I used my reason and I also realized that he also was in desolation. I also realized that life which walked with me was only an image of what was inside of me, such as a grandiose vase for him!

I repented, which is to make half a turn, and I presented him for more and he for more presented to me making me forever for more, such as his beloved!

Because in truth, if one does not present oneself to him for more, he will never ever present himself and because of lack of more thus one will die and one will no longer be for he but one for all eternity will be for nothing.

Knowledge of how Existence Functions

Truly blessed is that man that has true knowledge of how existence or the universe truly functions, because that man also knows how that man himself functions.  And he also will do as existence herself to continue on existing or living one but existing or living on as if forever new and in complete abundance, all five portions of her…

I will not go quietly with death

I will not go quietly with death to death and serve her dead forever. I will struggle or content with every breath and faith which God has allowed to me. I will seek the truth with all my heart, body and mind until I find her. And once she presents herself to me thus I will truly be free as she because I will become as her, the very truth!

And death will run from me as I once ran from her. And she will never ever again test me or put my life in danger and therefore test God also, because I will become the will of God. And the will of God is for me to become, if I truly which it so, the savior beloved of God as God has already became my Savior Beloved…