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Most people take the easy way out

Most people take the easy way out because they like to and not because they have too.

Most enjoy missing work and sleeping late.

Most also enjoy their overweight body even though it is about to explode because it is the easy way out for them.

And most people also like or enjoy taking the easy way out from believing rather than truly doing for true or for royal faith.

They enjoy fantasizing about the afterlife even if it is a lie which makes other people rich and even famous…

But I took the unseen or unbeaten road or path, the unbeaten but royal road or path to true or to royal faith…

To be continued…

Give Yourself the Best

All ways give yourself the very best. And the very best that you can really give yourself is the truth herself.  Seek her and she will truly begin to manifest or to show herself joyfully to you until she is inside of you and once she is inside of you or with you, thus she will speak with gladness and with joy through you just as your body has spoken for you, but this time your body will glow or will shine as the light shines…

In the Kingdom of the Holy Heavens

In the kingdom of the holy heavens there is no government. God truly is one and God is complete or God is perfect but not limited to anything. And because of God being one and complete or perfect and not limited to anything, God has no need of governing. And those conscious beings which are united to God are united to God with the same body and consciously as equal or united through the same title of savior beloved of God. And he that comes to be last, for first he will become because of his grandiose title…

To be evident

With one’s head one enters into life. With one’s head one enters into the world. And once in the world, with one’s head one enters food and water to maintain the body with life. And through one’s very head one enters into the kingdom or one is reborn or born again or one truly receives acknowledgement from above to continual here in the kingdom with life eternal…

Those that do more through less

There are those that do more with a less mind and with less body than those that have complete mind and complete body. The irony of all this is that he that is complete can see for complete and for seeing complete thus he can add or multiply the complete so that what is complete forever becomes as new and because of forever becoming as new thus never finishes or never becomes corrupt. But that is not happening!

Now then, those that with little do more is because they through the very lack have seen that there really is more because they also know that lack is made my something or lack is made by one, by the lack of one as the lack of many. That is to say, that the lack is because of the lack of one which already is present but cannot be seen. But to come to know the lack, thus the lack will give birth to one in complete abundance because nothing comes from lack, but rather, it or one comes because of abundance. And what has come has come to add to the abundance or to complete the abundance through its presence, through the very presence of one or through the very presence of what has just arrived.

To listen and to add

God truly listens and truly also adds according to what is listened from the very lips of man. Because in truth, when one is born, the body spoke for one and through the body one did until one truly had knowledge or one could truly understand so to be able to speak through the mouth of one and through the mouth of one receive for asking…

The struggle to know

The lack or the need does not make one, but rather, the struggle to know the lack or the need makes one or gives form to one so that with that form one does and the lack or the need stops from being.

Now then, a lack or a need does not cover another lack or another need. Thus, he who marks or stains his body is because he wants to cover the lack or the need which is in his soul and that lack or that need is of son, of feeling son beloved but without the struggle to know.

To see with half thoughts

To see things naked and feel ashamed is to see them with half thoughts and thus see them naked and incomplete because on is naked and incomplete with half thoughts. Now, to complete the thought one has to seek true knowledge because true knowledge gives true or complete form or complete body, so complete that the form or the body radiates, shines or illuminates and nakedness cannot be seen even though the form or the body is completely naked!

Now then, true knowledge is God; so therefore, seek God and God will give you the knowledge so that you cannot see nakedness or ever be ashamed for being naked yourself!