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God is met through one

God is met through or in one as one, but one as more and God as more. And even though one will be servant before God and God one’s true and only Master, God will bring one up into a higher position with gladness and joy and with all the power and authority of the heavens and even with all the power of riches. And one will no longer be God’s servant, but one will want to serve God forever with gladness and joy and in abundance no matter how high God puts one…


When One Stops Time

When one is born and born alive, thus time begins to run and now time is master of one; but when one is reborn, and one is only reborn alive or in life, thus time stops running for one and one is master of one and now time as if it is not or was never ever because now one has the power to really continue on and on without limits of nothing or without ever lacking nothing…

The Voice of Liberty

No one acknowledges a voice without the voice first being known and every slave knows the voice of his Master no matter from where the Master calls. But if the good Master calls with the voice of liberty to liberty give, even though he may call the slave by his very name, the slave will not respond because the slave will not recognize the voice, but the slave will seek the voice to see who is calling but in truth the slave will neither find nor see the Master that calls because the Master has stopped from being Master and because of the Master stopping from being Master, thus the Master has left his form of Master and the Master has taken another and better form, the form of Father, which with the voice of Father truly called the slave but neither the slave knew that voice and because of the slave not responding nor as free nor as son of the Master, the voice left, taking also the great form!

She is called wisdom

I had a beautiful and real sister and I remembered her not. She is called wisdom of heart and everyday God the good and loving Creator puts her before me for being his beloved so that I can as his beloved praise and glorify him as my Master God with all my heart and with all my mind so that in truth my soul being the an empty vessel becomes filled, so that when my soul in truth becomes filled thus for being filled, my Master will complete it!