Monthly Archives: January 2016

When peace becomes a bore

When the peace of man becomes a bore, the war of man it brings! But the peace of God, which is true peace, thus brings true knowledge of God and true knowledge of God also brings true gladness and true joy of God and true gladness and true joy of God give rebirth to one so that one continues as new in all truth as the very truth!

A gift without obligation

Wisdom of heart returns, but only returns to he that was, is and will be wise. And being wise is a lovely gift from God without obligation toward God. Also wisdom of heart is a very loving consul from God and also without obligation toward God. But if there is no grace in the mouth of the wise after the wisdom of heart, thus the wise is wise in vanity.

To struggle with what cannot be seen

It is way too much easier to struggle or to fight with what can be seen and is. But to truly struggle or to truly fight with what cannot be seen thus one needs true knowledge so that with true knowledge present oneself and be seen and see oneself for more because for more one presented to the world and the world became for more because of one.

God is a struggle

God is a struggle to know or to acknowledge before time expires. And if one acknowledges God, God will acknowledge one as beloved of God and extends one’s life as beloved and as beloved of God one could also be acknowledged savior beloved of God if one acknowledges God savior beloved of one.