Monthly Archives: October 2015

One is multiplied through real joy

What in truth is planted or is known in true or in real gladness and in true or in real joy, is also nurtured in true or in real gladness and in true or in real joy! And when it arrives or is harvested or is born alive, once again is received in true or in real gladness and in true or in real joy so that in true or in real gladness and in true or in real joy is multiplied and becomes forever new.

Now, true or real gladness and true or real joy are of God and God will multiply one or renew one through true or through real gladness and through true or through real joy.

To become new again

Real or true knowledge or a good understanding should bring real or true gladness and real or true joy, because in real or in true gladness and real or true joy things are formed, things are given name so that they can truly take form. And when they take complete form, be renamed and become also new again.

One needs to know

To believe is to know, but without the grandiose work or without the grandiose movement or without the real fight, one truly cannot understand what is believed and what is known so that the faith can take real form. But even though one truly does not understand, one really needs to know or one really needs to receive real knowledge or acknowledgement so that one can take real form!

The present

One is the present, but one is the present as long as one is alive. And the more real knowledge that one has, thus more as royal present one is!

Now then, one is different presents to many others for to father one is son and to brother one is brother and so on. But once one becomes a royal present through receiving real knowledge, thus now one is the same present to all the rest because now one is savior…

The acknowledgement of God

God acknowledged or recognized what God had already given knowledge to. Through that acknowledgement of God to what already was, that which already was became as new! And that acknowledgement in truth is considered creation because creation takes the form according to the new knowledge or name granted.

For in truth, to name was to create and to rename was to recreate! With the rename, things already made became as things new and as if they have just being created…