Monthly Archives: November 2015

Believe and founding

Believing is in truth like assembling a solid foundation. And when in truth one assembles a solid foundation, thus one seeks for those who know how to assemble in a foundation. And if they cannot add to your foundation, thus keep seeking!

If your foundation brings you true joy, then never knock it down! Because in truth, if your foundation is made through seeking the truth, the truth adds to the truth and the truth you will be.

To see and to find

He who seeks in truth finds in truth, but only and when he knows what he is seeking! If one seeks and one finds not, then it is because it is not in one! And if one has but what one has does not make one happy, then it was never for one!

Thus, throw a side everything which does not make you happy that is of no need. Never throw a side your sons, even though they may call you stranger! And seek the truth and the truth will make you happy. And the truth is God and is in life. When you seek to believe in God, thus believe that in God you will come to believe and in God you will come to believe because God will let Himself be found from you!

Surviving and life

Surviving is not to live, for it is a very poor imitation of life which cannot be seen! And also one cannot imitate what one knows not and much less one can imitate if it cannot be seen.

Now then, true knowledge really allows one to see so that one can truly imitate and with that very imitation one can truly understand or one can truly make the true belief even more complete. Because in truth, through true belief or through true knowledge one truly lives and lives as the very truth!

Death and true freedom

As long as there is death, there is no true freedom. To die really was to lose the battle for life and to lose also all possibility to true freedom, true freedom which is God alive.

Now then, God is one and because of one God is God! And one alive truly is  the one who makes all possibility‚Ķ

A borrowed thought

A borrowed thought or a borrowed idea cannot be shared as true knowledge or as truth because one is the greater part of knowledge as one is also the greater part of the truth. And since one is not part of a borrowed thought or a borrowed idea, thus one cannot be part of the truth because one was not reborn through the truth. One is reborn through the truth through the truth that one has already presented when born alive.