Monthly Archives: June 2019

I have arrived to an almost unending point

I have arrived to a point in where my wounds have their wounds, my blows have their blows and my scratches have their scratches.

Even my plagues in the form of friends and families have departed from me but no before marking.

But nothing, I have real faith because of searching and contention because of wanting to overcome and become better or taller as also in a better or taller place.

And I know that I will overcome. There is for me no march back because back there is nothing more and what never was and what never will be.

With me there is only one. He has hungered with me in silence. As the same as me he has also spend nights without sleep and because of lack of even a place to rest my feet and my head.

But when the spoils arrive, the spoils so much will be for him as so much will be for me because the spoils will be one, oneself as also the spoils will be himself because of everyone doing for the spoils oneself.

Now then, without contention or without friction or even without desolation thus there will never ever be overcoming or transformation or there will never ever be a higher place and much less a spoil which will be one oneself.

Because of lack of attraction

I left and sadly did I leave because of lack of attraction from another, that other being my partner, my companion.

After six months, I called and was asked by her to return and that I would actually get tired of so much love and caring.

I returned. I humbly presented myself. I cared, but nothing was ever reflected back to me, and so I turned around and returned back from where I left the second time.

Most people take the easy way out

Most people take the easy way out because they like to and not because they have too.

Most enjoy missing work and sleeping late.

Most also enjoy their overweight body even though it is about to explode because it is the easy way out for them.

And most people also like or enjoy taking the easy way out from believing rather than truly doing for true or for royal faith.

They enjoy fantasizing about the afterlife even if it is a lie which makes other people rich and even famous…

But I took the unseen or unbeaten road or path, the unbeaten but royal road or path to true or to royal faith…

To be continued…

Existence is about attraction and expansion

Existence really is about attraction and expansion the matter what the friction, but not about attracting and expanding what already is, but rather, attracting and expanding what is not yet at hand.

In other words, existence really is about attracting and expanding what is not yet at hand or in the hand.

And that which is not yet at hand is neutral point.

And once the neutral point is achieved thus the negative point is left behind and existence then begins to move forward to the positive point, which will make existence as if forever new.

And since one is part of existence, one also can do the same.

In fact, one made existence greater or taller by one being born alive.