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Peace and Knowledge

In the great majority of time there will be shadows or there will be darkness before the very light arrives, but he that rejected darkness even though in her, he came to know the light and because of her he will have consul and because of her he will rest to complete his form with what he truly presented himself with and he truly presented himself with knowledge to the world and the world truly confirmed him with his form because of his form speaking for him according to the very knowledge which he brought or he presented himself with. And his form will continue speaking and requesting for he until he can speak and can request for her and for her speak and request for her, but if he does not speak and does not request for his form, his form he will lose and because of losing his form he will stop from existing.


Existence Forever Will Become For More

Only he that has in reality, in reality is he that can deny. Because he that does not have, what can he deny if nothing is also something? And if he does not have, why dos he offer? Will he have more because of offering without having?

But existence never ever denies for less or for nothing but existence always humbles for much more. Nothing is for lack of something, but something is which makes nothing. And nothing because of being nothing, nothing is also something, something of nothing.

Existence has no choice but to exist and she for all eternity has being existing and doing and also she will for all of eternity exist or do or create. But even though existence has no choice but to exist and she cannot stop from existing for being eternal, she is not obligated to do or to create even though to do or to create is what makes existence, but to do or to create is what maintains existence as if forever new or as if she has just presented herself in all her glory and splendor.

Gladness and joy

Gladness and joy are very important in the life of one, so important as the very air and water and as the very food, because gladness and joy make one feel for much more or in abundance and because of the fact of one feeling for much more or in abundance thus one does the grandiose movement so that gladness and joy remain with one and the abundance also is achieved or is manifested.

The reason that one must do for knowing for oneself

One must do for knowing for oneself because in the moment which one stops from doing for oneself, one loses knowledge or there is no knowledge of one and for lack of knowledge of one or of acknowledgement of one or even for lack of the justification of one not only one stops from doing and from being but also all things stop from doing and also stop from being…

There is a very grandiose purpose in one knowing

There is a very grandiose purpose in one knowing, seeing, hearing, speaking and even in feeling as son because as son, son beloved, one will be reborn and because of that rebirth of one, the heavens also will be reborn and not only will one become for much more but also existence truly will become for much more for existence being reborn by one…

When one was confirmed into the world as son

When one was confirmed into the world as son, as son one did in the world such as to see as son, to hear as son, to feel as son, to speak as son. And one’s parents also begun to do as much more for the fact of becoming parents but that act of parents came to the limit because they truly could not see beyond and stopped from being parents for coming to die and the son also stopped from being son even though alive…

When one is born alive into the womb that is the world

When one is born alive into the womb that is world, one truly is born as contender because one brings to the world knowledge as contender for being victorious and being born alive and the very world, ironically, justifies or reconfirms that one is a contender. But the world or those that received one do not give continuation to that very same knowledge which one brought to the world and practically one loses that knowledge of one and later loses the form because of the death of one when life truly has its grandiose purpose, which truly begins after one is reborn and does not begin after one dies because to die was to live in vain…