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I would like to be a successful writer

There are a lot of good writers out there, but only a few become successful. Ironically, however, success these days has nothing to do with good writing. It is really a matter of how the writer advertises or spends his money which he did not get through his writing. And so the more money he spends advertising his writing or book, the more successful he will be.

But I do not want to be a successful advertiser. I would like to be a successful writer just because I am a good writer…

Make a good for all times

Make a good for all times. Study the word, for the word will fill you with the gladness and with the joy of God and also the word will fill you with the abundance of God all the times. And that gladness and that joy of God and that feeling of abundance will really complete or really fill, for the things of God are but gladly and joyfully completed or perfected through one, but through one as much more than one.

To add to the infinite

A writer, neither good nor bad, cannot sit and wait for things, neither good nor bad, to come to him so that he can be inspired and write what he understands, for nothing makes itself, neither good nor bad!

He that truly inspires to be a writer, good or bad, he has put himself before a very long crossing; but to truly achieve and see the infinite, that writer has to joyfully cross that very long crossing with pen and paper at hand and thus everything which that writer truly cannot see in the infinite, thus put or acknowledge!

Now then, the greater part of the infinite is the finite, which also can be one if one nothing does to add or nothing one does to put or acknowledge for more the infinite, because by one putting or acknowledging for more the infinite, the infinite will be more though one and the infinite will do more so that one becomes infinite by one doing for infinite.

To be inside the tent

To understand is to be inside the good tent. To understand is to be in a major or in a better point of view or even in a royal view. To know is to be before the good tent waiting to truly understand, which waiting be invited to enter to enter into true life or into royal life, which truly is to enter into salvation.

True knowledge is the only good road which can take one to enter in the good tent, in the good tent where there is God, but God as loving Father beloved…

To die is not to do

One must first do to truly know things which are already known but which are not seen and to wait and to die is not to do, no matter how good sounding the doctrine. Because in truth, too much sound from the river is too much sound of the water and too much sound from the river does not sound too good.