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For Peace and for Knowledge

Just as one contended or one fought in the womb of a woman for the peace and for the knowledge of life or of son, for peace and for knowledge one achieve or receive and in that peace be transformed in that knowledge of life or of son so that with life or as son one be born, thus in the very same manner in the womb which is the world one also must contend or fight for the peace and for the knowledge of rebirth in life or of being reborn as son beloved to be able to receive that peace and in her be transformed in that knowledge of rebirth and be reborn in life as son beloved…


True Knowledge and Acknowledgement

Those that do not have time to do for true knowledge thus they will have no time for acknowledgement and because of no acknowledgement thus death, whether painful or not…

Now, true knowledge is an extension of life and acknowledgement is an expansion of that life to continue on with complete gladness and with complete joy and in complete abundance of true peace and riches without ever dying…

Birth and Rebirth

Birth is to come out from the entrails of a man and enter into the entrails of a woman and within her struggle or contend for peace and for knowledge. And once one has overcome, one will receive the peace and the knowledge to take the form of a child or the form of a son. And once one’s form is completed as a child or as a son, be born alive into the entrails of the world and within her once again struggle or contend for the peace and for the knowledge of rebirth to be able to continue in the entrails of the world but continue as a new child or as a new son…

Now then, rebirth is done through one’s very request for the peace and for the knowledge or the acknowledgement from above for one to be able to continue in life right here on the very earth as if in the very heavens and with one’s very form and as if one never ever struggled or as if one never ever contended because one will feel as if one were always in this grandiose state of grace and of glory…

Peace and Knowledge

In the great majority of time there will be shadows or there will be darkness before the very light arrives, but he that rejected darkness even though in her, he came to know the light and because of her he will have consul and because of her he will rest to complete his form with what he truly presented himself with and he truly presented himself with knowledge to the world and the world truly confirmed him with his form because of his form speaking for him according to the very knowledge which he brought or he presented himself with. And his form will continue speaking and requesting for he until he can speak and can request for her and for her speak and request for her, but if he does not speak and does not request for his form, his form he will lose and because of losing his form he will stop from existing.

The only true life

The only true life or the only continuation of life is with God but with God as much more than Creator and one as much more than one. That life with God will be a life filled with peace, with knowledge, with gladness, with joy and everything in double the abundance here in the very earth but the very earth will become for much more because of one receiving acknowledgement of God so that one truly continues with life.

A good point of view

Real or true peace is a good point of view as also is good understanding, but the best point of view is with gladness and joy because gladness and joy renew not only what is being looked at, but gladness and joy also renew the one doing the looking with gladness and joy.

Thus, there are four things needed to be reborn and to be saved or to be a savior and they are peace, knowledge, gladness and joy. The real or true peace which will bring real or true knowledge which will bring real or true gladness and joy which will give one new birth or rebirth as savior beloved.