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I do not want to be raised from the dead

I do not want to be raised from the dead, as dead man’s doctrine says, but I do want to truly be uplifted or illuminated with more of the truth to never ever die, not even once…

Besides, heavens will be filled with nothing but hypocrites and hell also will be filled with nothing but with those with good intentions…

The seed of man

Most people, a tall multitude, just hang around waiting for gladness and joy to die off so that they can also die off and fade away into nothing as nothing.

They are simply waiting around as if the seed of a man, in where one overcame and now they believe that that one truly overcame for them and now they wait for death so that she can embrace and inhale them into the heavens, the heavens which they never did for…

When the Heavens became Greater or Taller

The heavens no matter how great or tall they are the heavens need the earth as much or even more as the earth needs the heavens.

And without the earth thus there would not be any heavens because before the earth, there was only heaven and when the earth came to be or was named or was separated from heaven, heaven became greater or taller as the heavens.

And there is nothing that the heavens will not do for the earth as long as the earth humbles to the heavens for more because the heavens know that they will be greater or taller from the simple humbles from the earth for more…

Now, the earth is living man and the heavens are the different realms of God and God is one.

In other words, the earth is conscious man and the heavens are different or other consciousness or simply put, man is the conscious mind and the heavens are other conscious mode and God is the brain…

As Royal one enters the Kingdom of the Heavens

It is really entered or one really enters into the grandiose kingdom of God as royal or realist and never ever as a believer of fantasies or a believer of lies or even believer of false believes.

Salvation is not a Greek tragedy in where a god gives his life because of giving fire to man or because of giving illumination of how the heavens really function or what really is the will of God toward man, whose name really is from dust to dust.

In other words, the entrance to the grandiose kingdom of God really has everything to do with one’s conscious mind and the knowledge granted to her because of the act of oneself and never ever because of the act of another even though his is nicknamed a god…

Now then, the kingdom of God is a major or a higher state of consciousness or of identity in where one through the act of one is granted salvation as savior beloved and if one accepts thus one has entered the kingdom of God as savior and prince beloved of God…

When one looks up into the Heavens

When one’s eyes are attached to the ground, nothing but the ground or dust one will see and eventually become or return.

When one stands on the shoulders of giants, one can only see what is in one’s heart and not what the giants see or feel.

But when one looks up into the heavens, no matter how low one is, one has confirmed greater things and greater things will confirm one greater as they become even greater.

We have come to a point in time

We have come to a point in time where, unfortunately, fantasy is history, the future already is fact, and the past can be improved! Science has put a false memory before the living individual. But fortunate for the individual he can still do more for himself and become more by simply presenting himself as more or for more to the heavens because once the individual has presented himself as once he did after his birth, the individual has also presented the heavens for more and the heavens will not only acknowledge that individual with gladness, joy, peace and illumination but the heavens will also promise that individual a grandiose reward.

Heaven is not as heaven is painted

Heaven is not as heaven is painted, more like stained, stained by human eyes; but the earth is worst, for the earth is stained, stained in human blood. And what happens on the earth also happens in the heavens and the heavens may react in favor or against the earth. But the heavens will not react if the earth does not react or act. And so the heavens can be painted or more like stained according to man and according to man the heavens will react or act. But if man truly acted or reacted according to the will of the heavens, the earth would be as the heavens because man would be living in harmony.

When one falls

When one falls it has nothing to do with punishment from above. The heavens truly allowed man consciousness or mental awareness but man used that gift or liberty to sin against the heavens and the heavens gave the punishment of death but the punishment was not instantly because the punishment of death had a clause. And that clause was repentance. And as long as man truly repented thus the longer life man would have from the heavens and man as well as the heavens would have abundantly.

In the Kingdom of the Holy Heavens

In the kingdom of the holy heavens there is no government. God truly is one and God is complete or God is perfect but not limited to anything. And because of God being one and complete or perfect and not limited to anything, God has no need of governing. And those conscious beings which are united to God are united to God with the same body and consciously as equal or united through the same title of savior beloved of God. And he that comes to be last, for first he will become because of his grandiose title…

Abundance and Salvation

To truly come to understand the things of God is the best of riches there is here in the very earth as in the heavens. God truly is the only complete portion or perfect portion, because God truly is abundance and salvation. That is to say, because of God being complete or being perfect thus God renews himself through abundance and through salvation. God takes from God Himself to renew himself or to be reborn and thus God becomes not only for Creator but also God becomes for abundant savior…