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No one receives what is of God

No one receives what is of God without knowing the pleasure of God. And the pleasure of God is to make sure that one lacks nothing because of one presenting God for more or as more. When one is born alive into the world one has added to the world and the world became more because of one and the world began to feed one five different ways and then a sixth way when one became self-aware or conscious. And if one did with consciousness or with that sixth way for rebirth or for acknowledgement from above from the heavens then the heavens will become for more and will reward for one as more or for more as savior beloved of the heavens.

Believe in itself is not understanding

Believe in itself is not understanding or is not knowing. To understand or to know, one must do the motion to understand or to know. Understanding or knowing only comes about through knowledge. Knowledge comes about through search in the case of birth and knowledge or acknowledgement comes about through research in the case of rebirth. Knowledge has to do with life and the keeping or the maintaining of life. And when one comes to believe it is because one did the personal movement or the personal search to understand or to know. To understand or to know after the search is to be aware and consciously waiting for acknowledgement from above and with every acknowledgement from above the closer one gets to the right side of the Creator as the right side of the Creator if one chooses that side when offered to one by the Creator because only the Creator can offer one side or the other.

The Function of the Universe

Know the function of the universe or the function of existence and you will function much better or with a greater identity, because to come to know was because of doing and thus entering into understanding, which really is to enter into the right side of existence as the right side of existence and thus one becoming as the very beginning because of one renewing or because of one refreshing existence because of one knowing…

The reason that one must do for knowing for oneself

One must do for knowing for oneself because in the moment which one stops from doing for oneself, one loses knowledge or there is no knowledge of one and for lack of knowledge of one or of acknowledgement of one or even for lack of the justification of one not only one stops from doing and from being but also all things stop from doing and also stop from being…

There is a very grandiose purpose in one knowing

There is a very grandiose purpose in one knowing, seeing, hearing, speaking and even in feeling as son because as son, son beloved, one will be reborn and because of that rebirth of one, the heavens also will be reborn and not only will one become for much more but also existence truly will become for much more for existence being reborn by one…

Without Repentance

Repentance truly is to come to know or is to recognize. No one really repents without knowing or without understanding or without really knowing as to why, because repentance really is to make half a turn or is to turn around back to where one came or to where one exited from.

But no one repents or no one turns back around until not really understanding or until not really knowing that there no longer is anything more or nothing better forward, but only what remained behind and ironically for what no longer was behind thus one when forward to seek with hope of finding, but one knew not that what one really sought was one formed or one transformed or one reformed!

When one knows another

When one knows another, one also knows one and when one recognizes that other, one also recognizes one. Now then, to know is to give form and to recognize is to give reform because what gives form or what gives birth is knowledge and what gives reform or what gives in truth rebirth is acknowledgement or rename.

If one knows or if one sees something and truly cannot understand it, thus recognize it in joy because joy completes the form and because of the form is that things are seen, are known and are truly enjoyed and because enjoyed, the things as the same as one forever will be new!

Nothing finishes having end

The end has no end because the end is finished! That which has finished no longer has any end. Now then, to end or to die was not to complete the call, the call which would allow he that responded to really continue as ever new without ever knowing end, end which really is for lack of knowing and because of not knowing thus not responding to the call and because of not responding to the call thus as if no one ever were and because no one ever were thus end, end even though the end was not part of anything but since the beginning did not respond even though it was present, the beginning thus allowed for end as the denial for life allowed for death even though death was not part of anything…

To believe is not to know

One cannot please God without true understanding or without true knowledge, because to believe is not to understand or to know. Because in truth, one truly believes with the knowledge that one presented oneself and if there is answer after one presenting oneself, then through that very same answer is that truly one has come to truly believe, truly understand or truly know.

Because in truth, true knowledge, which allows one to truly believe or have true faith, truly gives and truly receives form.