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Thoughts in wisdom

From the very first day, that was the end of one or the end of another or the very end of something…Many that cannot, they would truly like; but many that can, no…He that does not understand joy, joy in truth he rejects; because to be joyful one needs knowledge or one needs understanding and when knowledge and understanding do not bring joy, one feels shameful, one feels naked…

Stolen knowledge truly makes the thief dumb and naked. The creation of God is in truth to acknowledge and become forever new…If you can prove God to yourself, then you have truly done enough…The best gift of all the times after the creation of God and the faith of God thus is the adoption of one of God, one as son and God as Father because one in truth presents oneself first as son to the father so that the father can reconfirm it…

Not until one opens the mouth, thus it will not be known in truth how one is…He that does not give thanks for a favor or for help no matter how small, he will always be obligated and he will feel shameful because of obligation. Thus, a thank you completes all types of transactions…

A gift without obligation

Wisdom of heart returns, but only returns to he that was, is and will be wise. And being wise is a lovely gift from God without obligation toward God. Also wisdom of heart is a very loving consul from God and also without obligation toward God. But if there is no grace in the mouth of the wise after the wisdom of heart, thus the wise is wise in vanity.

Wisdom for wisdom

A man can hear the wisdom of another, but only God can teach wisdom for wisdom from God through understanding. In other words, to understand thus one must first do but the wisdom of God teaches without doing.

Now then, the wisdom of God is the only wisdom that can be really understood without doing. The thing is that only those who seek God, God allow that wisdom of God.

Wisdom is of God

A true wise man gives thanks and glory to God for wisdom is of God. But before any man can have wisdom of God, that man fears God and that man knows the true meaning behind given thanks and glory. Now, to give thanks is in truth requesting the awesome presence of God so that God can be really glorified by the one giving thanks and glory!

Thus, be extra careful when given real or royal thanks to God for he may grant it to you!

She is called wisdom

I had a beautiful and real sister and I remembered her not. She is called wisdom of heart and everyday God the good and loving Creator puts her before me for being his beloved so that I can as his beloved praise and glorify him as my Master God with all my heart and with all my mind so that in truth my soul being the an empty vessel becomes filled, so that when my soul in truth becomes filled thus for being filled, my Master will complete it!