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The entire world loves a clown

The entire world loves a clown even though he cannot act beyond his foolishness, because it is better to see a fool in his foolishness than to see one in one’s. But the clown really sees more foolishness in the eyes of the world and the more foolishness he sees, the more foolish he acts.

Time heals no wounds

Those that say that time heal wounds, thus they but lie because they never had a wound healed by time. Now then, only God can heal a wound such as loneliness or sadness by removing her and throwing her into emptiness because of her being nothing and nothing doing and puts in her place the Love of God and in that grandiose process give to one a greater identity as beloved of God…

Witnesses in Silence

Those that are witnesses in silence are also friends of the enemy of life and the enemy of life also is enemy of God. But the enemy of life is enemy of God for the enemy lying to life so that God would punish her with the death penalty. And even though death comes from God as the worst punishment, death is not the enemy of God because death cannot touch God but only in his heart for God being a being of true love who loves life alive or conscious and life alive or conscious truly is beloved of God.

And since live truly is beloved of God, God will truly pardon life if life truly repents and life truly seeks for God so that God can remove the death penalty, because only God could remove the death penalty and death truly dies for one but truly dies for every one that God pardons as his beloved!

And once God removes the death penalty and death dies for one, the enemy of life and of God will humble to the very feet of life and will never look at her and never again will the enemy of life deceive her, but only the enemy of life will be a witness in silence which will truly serve of nothing because no longer life will remember that she once died and that she died because of a trap of the enemy of life that at last the enemy of life fell in and God will truly become for much more for God truly becoming for Savior Eternal…

The letter of law and of love

He that takes the word of God for law, he forever will be deceived by the enemy of life because the enemy of life knew the law before the law was written or formed in the form of creation or in the form of light. But the enemy of life for a long time will take out of context or out of the light the word of God as law to first deceive man and later kill man before man realizes the deception of the enemy of life and man repents so that he does not have to die, because to die was because of lack of knowledge or because of lack of acknowledgement of God!

A holy wound

The lack of love of others in one only true love can take out and true love is from the very heavens, but will come to one with only one requesting! But be very careful with that request of being beloved with true love because even though it takes out the pain of loneliness and the pain of feeling useless, true love truly can take one to a very long and holy wound called desolation! And a holy wound can only be cured by a holy one, and there is only a holy one!

True love completes

When one truly loves, one’s half becomes another’s complete half, because true love completes what needs to be completed and true love adds to what is already is complete. Now, the truth, no matter how small, completes all the rest because the truth, no matter how small, is always complete and being complete, the truth completes.

A gift without obligation

Wisdom of heart returns, but only returns to he that was, is and will be wise. And being wise is a lovely gift from God without obligation toward God. Also wisdom of heart is a very loving consul from God and also without obligation toward God. But if there is no grace in the mouth of the wise after the wisdom of heart, thus the wise is wise in vanity.