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we must put our maximum efforts toward God

We must put our maximum efforts toward God so that God through those very same efforts does for us! God is known through his reform of Creator and that reform of Creator made possible the creation of God when God through the creation of God took form or God was reformed or renewed or reborn as Creator and God also became greater through the creation of God.

To not respond is to die

To not respond to him that gives life is to die. He that gave life will call one if one seeks for him so that he grants to one the knowledge or the acknowledgement so that one can be reborn or be renewed and one does not have to die. Furthermore, he that gave life will also be reborn or will also be renewed in that very same instant which he granted to one acknowledgement or rebirth and both will become for much more.

He that does thus he achieves knowledge

He that does thus he achieves knowledge and with knowledge he takes form of life and once that form of life is complete, thus he is born and if he is born alive, thus he will be recognized into the world through the very knowledge that he brought into the world.

But if he does contrary to what he himself presented to the world, thus he will be punished with death. But if he once in the world does with the very knowledge that he himself brought into the very world thus he will be recognized or he will truly have acknowledgement to be reborn in the very world in where once he was born and was born alive.

But this acknowledgement of he in the world will not only be for much more of what he will be, but also he will be reborn with all gladness and with all joy and also with all abundance, with all abundance because not only everything in the world as also in the heavens has become for new but also everything has become for much more.

The punishment of death

The punishment of death is because of stopping from doing and not coming to know or because of stopping from completing the law or for stopping from completing the knowledge which one came to achieve or overcame for and now one denies recognition or one denies giving acknowledgement to.

Because in truth, denying recognizing or denying giving acknowledgement thus is death and death is eternal punishment, eternal punishment in where one can no longer do or overcome to be reborn.

The law or the knowledge given to one

When one overcame in the womb of a woman, all the rest that fought to overcome kept from fighting or from doing and all died, a great multitude died while one rested and was transformed into the knowledge or into the law received because of one doing or because of one overcoming!

Now then, the law or the knowledge given to one was because of what one did for oneself and never was because of what another did. And once one has kept from doing for oneself thus one will die for oneself and never one will die for another as neither another will ever die for one.

The letter of law and of love

He that takes the word of God for law, he forever will be deceived by the enemy of life because the enemy of life knew the law before the law was written or formed in the form of creation or in the form of light. But the enemy of life for a long time will take out of context or out of the light the word of God as law to first deceive man and later kill man before man realizes the deception of the enemy of life and man repents so that he does not have to die, because to die was because of lack of knowledge or because of lack of acknowledgement of God!

To respond

Those without understanding die young; they die before their time which truly is 120 years of life! Those that truly come to understanding, they will live past their time limit! Now then, to truly come to understanding was to answer the call of the heavens when called and when offered a position thus take that position even though that positions appears as a lesser position and that lesser position is as savior of God.

To see

To see, to know or to understand takes one to listen but according to what one sees, knows or understands. And the more one sees, one knows or one understands, thus obviously more one can listen but according to what one sees, knows or understands. Now, to understand was one entering as much more into the grandiose tent that now also has become for much more because of one understanding or because of one entering.