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When someone shines a light on you

When someone shines a light on you and you do not reflect that light, that light will be shut off or will be reflected to another. And you will be to that someone as if you never were…

And the very same thing as above is with God. When God calls one after one doing something that attracted God and if one does not respond, God will not call again unless one calls to him or acts again to attract Him…

Because of not Doing

He that has very easily without doing, it will be very impossible for him to do and not being able to do because of not knowing, he will not be able to be reborn and because of not being able to be reborn thus he will die. And to die was because of not doing and because of not doing, not understanding and not coming to respond to the grandioso call of salvation…

To listen and to respond

Every man that truly lends knowledge or that presents himself, thus every man truly listens to respond again and be able to recognize so that with that very recognition or with that answer every man feels for something more.Now then, every man that does not respond after presenting himself, thus every man will be but nothing until every man is called again and if every man as of yet does not respond, he will be called once in a while until death calls him and death takes him. And once death calls and death takes him, never ever man will be called in life toward life.

To not respond is to die

To not respond to him that gives life is to die. He that gave life will call one if one seeks for him so that he grants to one the knowledge or the acknowledgement so that one can be reborn or be renewed and one does not have to die. Furthermore, he that gave life will also be reborn or will also be renewed in that very same instant which he granted to one acknowledgement or rebirth and both will become for much more.

To respond

Those without understanding die young; they die before their time which truly is 120 years of life! Those that truly come to understanding, they will live past their time limit! Now then, to truly come to understanding was to answer the call of the heavens when called and when offered a position thus take that position even though that positions appears as a lesser position and that lesser position is as savior of God.

Unity through one

One is born through the effort of one and never through the effort of another. One dies through the lack of effort of one and never one dies through the lack of effort of another. And one is truly reborn or one is truly saved through the very effort of one and never one is reborn or never one is saved through the effort of another unless that other is God as Creator, but when one has done the effort of being reborn or of being saved by God as Creator and Savior.

Now then, one is united to God through one and never one is united to God through another. No one is united to God unless God Himself says so either through a promise by God or through a call, but that call must be responded to by one and never responded to by another.

He that does not respond

He that does not respond when he is called is because he has not the true knowledge to be able to respond and if he does not respond even though he may have the true knowledge to be able to respond, thus he will not receive salvation because to receive salvation thus one must respond when one for one is truly called by voice from above.

To truly listen

According to how one presented to the world at birth, thus one was recognized or conformed to the world by the world! If one presented one dead to the world thus there is nothing more to say or there is nothing more to confirm because the dead cannot hear to be able to respond.

But if one was born alive, thus for what one has presented thus one will be truly conformed to life and as one, one will do and as one, one will see and also as one, one will know and one will listen and grow through what one presented as the same as those that conformed one to the world will see one do, see one see and also know and listen and grow through one. And they will even call one through what they truly know of one. In other words, the world will see or will know one through what one presented of one and the world will see one or will know one through what one do through one.

The fruit in the mouth

The problem was not the fruit in the mouth; but the problem was the fruit in the mind, where nothing any longer fit, not even one! And even though the fruit was prohibited, the fruit was not hidden because the fruit was going to be of one when one for the fruit did and because of doing thus one knew and because of one knowing thus one responded for one and because of one thus responding for one thus that was the fruit!

Nothing finishes having end

The end has no end because the end is finished! That which has finished no longer has any end. Now then, to end or to die was not to complete the call, the call which would allow he that responded to really continue as ever new without ever knowing end, end which really is for lack of knowing and because of not knowing thus not responding to the call and because of not responding to the call thus as if no one ever were and because no one ever were thus end, end even though the end was not part of anything but since the beginning did not respond even though it was present, the beginning thus allowed for end as the denial for life allowed for death even though death was not part of anything…