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One casted one’s eyes into infinity

One casted one’s eyes into infinity. One eye rolled to the left and the other eye rolled to the right. When they rested, infinity had shrunk. But one also had shrunk because as infinity divides infinity becomes smaller instead of multiplying with that division. But if one adds to infinity as one did when one was born alive into the world, infinity will also add to one gladness and joy and also add to one the very grandiose feeling of abundance or of plenitude in the very grandiose anticipation of greater or higher or taller things to come or become because of one adding to what was already perfect but yet unseen by one.

The Small which Enlarges

The small truly is what moves the large or the tall and the large or the tall once again moves the small to move the large or the tall…

Because in truth, there was always movement or the grandiose feeling that there was more after doing the movement and move and rest and after the rest become as if new and as if larger or taller no matter how small or how larger or how tall…

And the movement as if it never ever was made because of not remembering the tiredness after the rest and thus becoming for much more…


Only he that is born alive is named or is renamed or is adopted or even is truly justified. No one names or renames or adopts or even justifies he that is born for dead or is born without life. And he that was named or that was renamed or that was adopted was named or renamed or adopted through what he brought into the world and was comforted so that he rested and continued with the form of life, because he that is born alive is born as if in chaos because of entering into the world in where things are not known even though they were felt in abundance.

Peace and Knowledge

In the great majority of time there will be shadows or there will be darkness before the very light arrives, but he that rejected darkness even though in her, he came to know the light and because of her he will have consul and because of her he will rest to complete his form with what he truly presented himself with and he truly presented himself with knowledge to the world and the world truly confirmed him with his form because of his form speaking for him according to the very knowledge which he brought or he presented himself with. And his form will continue speaking and requesting for he until he can speak and can request for her and for her speak and request for her, but if he does not speak and does not request for his form, his form he will lose and because of losing his form he will stop from existing.

The law or the knowledge given to one

When one overcame in the womb of a woman, all the rest that fought to overcome kept from fighting or from doing and all died, a great multitude died while one rested and was transformed into the knowledge or into the law received because of one doing or because of one overcoming!

Now then, the law or the knowledge given to one was because of what one did for oneself and never was because of what another did. And once one has kept from doing for oneself thus one will die for oneself and never one will die for another as neither another will ever die for one.

Rest and life

When the mind denies the rest, pain enforces it. Thirst, hunger or even pain ask for life to maintain life, but if man after the thirst, after the hunger or even after the pain does not ask from above for more life, life will end for lack of life and there will no longer be more thirst, there will no longer be more hunger and there will no longer even be more pain for life.

True love completes

When one truly loves, one’s half becomes another’s complete half, because true love completes what needs to be completed and true love adds to what is already is complete. Now, the truth, no matter how small, completes all the rest because the truth, no matter how small, is always complete and being complete, the truth completes.

To create and to form

To create and to form are not the same, for to form was from what already was and to create was to take out from what never was, even though there was one. It only was created but once and all the rest was formed.

So God formed man with what already was and did not do a second creation for man. For, to form was truly to name alive so that with the name, form can be taken and the form is really proof of creation, of creation through name.

Now then, it was created only once, the rest was given form through simple living name.

Easy things

To he who things come easily or without struggling for them, he thus uses them to really deceive or to mark or to seduce those who have them not. But when the rest come to really have things through themselves, then the things of he will stop from being because they never were truly his because he never shared or divided them so that they would multiply and he now would also have more.