Monthly Archives: September 2015

Perfection and lack

If something is complete, thus it will not know it because it lacks lack to be able to know that it is complete! Now then, he who completes the things is he who made the things, but he will not complete the things because they are not complete. He will complete the things which have come to be complete or which have come to truly have real knowledge and because of real knowledge, thus he has acknowledged them perfect!

Hidden beauty

Hidden beauty, even though eternal beauty, is useless beauty even though if real or if royal beauty. And there is no beauty, eternal or real, until someone says so…And there is nothing until someone says so…And if there is nothing, but no one to say so, then there is something, even if eternal nothing…

The cure and the salvation

To be cured is not in truth to be saved or is not to receive salvation, but to be saved in truth is to be cured and much, much more. Because in truth, to receive the salvation of God by God is also to receive the power and the authority of curing or of healing, but salvation is of God and only God can give or can grant the salvation of God…

Real faith is real debt

When asking or when requesting, ask or request for things that will not put one in need or in debt. Unless, asking for real faith because those who have come to have real faith of God, they for life have come indebted to God!

But real or true faith is done for and not asked or request for. So do for real or for true faith so that once you have her, through her you can ask or can request!

The heart of a forester

A forester cannot plant because no matter where he is, he will always be in a foreign land and the forester as stranger is unknown and also very much rejected, even though a very good forester!

But the best seed which the very good forester can plant is the renewing word of men and of God and when the renewing word of man and of God is planted with the heart, with the heart is harvested in abundance, in double abundance, making the forester and the citizen as real brothers and the land as a new land and real mother to all.

The real question

To question is not to be silly or is not lack of knowledge or lack of understanding, but to question is to ask for help or for real knowledge to be able to in truth do more. The real question is to give the power and the real knowledge to him who the real question is asked and through that very knowledge and power, thus one will be granted real knowledge!

Because in truth, one will be responded to or one will be granted real knowledge according to the real knowledge which one has presented in the question!

Thus many questions asked without real knowledge, without knowledge real they were not responded because they remained or got lost in silence!