Monthly Archives: December 2015

Easy things

To he who things come easily or without struggling for them, he thus uses them to really deceive or to mark or to seduce those who have them not. But when the rest come to really have things through themselves, then the things of he will stop from being because they never were truly his because he never shared or divided them so that they would multiply and he now would also have more.

Naked shadow

A father or even a husband who does not love is really like a tree without leaves, creating a shadow which in truth benefits no one. That is to say in truth, a father who does not love is an unknown father and an unknown father is a son unknown and a son unknown, do without really knowing and doing without knowing is doing and is living in vanity and living in vanity is to die and to die was for not knowing.

The best place

The best place or dwelling is truly that place or dwelling which has become united through tests, through temptations and even through trials because truly now nothing will be able to separate that place or dwelling or take it apart to completely destroy it and leave it breathless…

Effort and interest

When someone pretends to look for the truth and he asks one where one found the truth, thus obviously he never sought, not even once! Because the truth is really found with effort and with interest and when the truth is really found, the truth also is understood because now one is the very truth!

Blinded in the light

When sight is granted to a blind man, he now begins to stumble where once he did not stumble; for now he cannot recognize in the good light his very spirit. But once the once blinded comes to know or to understand the good light, thus the once blinded will no longer be blinded in the light.