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One Overcomes through the Mind

One can only overcome through the conscious mind and never ever one can overcome through being dead or never ever one can overcome through death or never ever one can overcome through what another had said that he did for one so that one did not have do and neither one had to die because supposedly the other already has overcome death and one only has to die once or die that first time to triumph for other that is no longer nor is able to speak for himself.


The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God truly is not about ever entering, but the Kingdom of God truly is about forever receiving. And receiving truly is about being renamed alive from above by God who truly grants or who truly gives in abundance, in double abundance, in double abundance, which truly can be up to five grandiose portions!

All of the entering and all of the exits of life are closed once one is born, but the only entrance or exit is of death if one dies. But death is the only entrance or exit which leads to nowhere because death truly is the end of any other possibility.

Now, the Kingdom of God is not as it was painted by the dead or by those that are about to be dead because if they truly knew about the Kingdom of God, they would be in the Kingdom of God as God! They also would know that the Kingdom of God has everything to do with the earth and with man, but with the earth as in the very heavens and man as the very son beloved of God and God as the very Father of every man alive.

Now then, life alive has nothing to do with death or with dying because nothing comes out from death. Death came after life because of life deviating from life or from the continuation of life and death is the end of life.

When one is in the grace

When one is in the grace or in the entrails of a man, one always feels or is in abundance even though one cannot see the abundance and when one comes out from that grace or from the entrails, one truly comes out with all gladness and with all joy and also one comes out with all feeling or with all sensation of abundance to seek knowledge of life to be able to continue with life. All of that gladness, all of that joy and all of that feeling or all of that good sensation of abundance truly will maintain one in movement until one achieves that knowledge of life and through that knowledge of life achieve the form of life and through that knowledge of life be born but be born for the better and continue with life so that with life do and achieve the knowledge of life to know life so that with that knowledge of life for life one does once again or one can be reborn.

Without Repentance

Repentance truly is to come to know or is to recognize. No one really repents without knowing or without understanding or without really knowing as to why, because repentance really is to make half a turn or is to turn around back to where one came or to where one exited from.

But no one repents or no one turns back around until not really understanding or until not really knowing that there no longer is anything more or nothing better forward, but only what remained behind and ironically for what no longer was behind thus one when forward to seek with hope of finding, but one knew not that what one really sought was one formed or one transformed or one reformed!

Witnesses in Silence

Those that are witnesses in silence are also friends of the enemy of life and the enemy of life also is enemy of God. But the enemy of life is enemy of God for the enemy lying to life so that God would punish her with the death penalty. And even though death comes from God as the worst punishment, death is not the enemy of God because death cannot touch God but only in his heart for God being a being of true love who loves life alive or conscious and life alive or conscious truly is beloved of God.

And since live truly is beloved of God, God will truly pardon life if life truly repents and life truly seeks for God so that God can remove the death penalty, because only God could remove the death penalty and death truly dies for one but truly dies for every one that God pardons as his beloved!

And once God removes the death penalty and death dies for one, the enemy of life and of God will humble to the very feet of life and will never look at her and never again will the enemy of life deceive her, but only the enemy of life will be a witness in silence which will truly serve of nothing because no longer life will remember that she once died and that she died because of a trap of the enemy of life that at last the enemy of life fell in and God will truly become for much more for God truly becoming for Savior Eternal…

Existence as also is creation

Existence as also is creation and as also is faith truly is completely based on knowledge. And even though knowledge already exists, one must do for knowledge so that with that act of doing or with that act of the motion, one can truly receive knowledge so that one can take that form of that knowledge and one also can be born through her and be born alive, because without form nothing is born, even being born dead, is born with form!