Monthly Archives: April 2018

Coded Knowledge of God

The Bible is really Coded Knowledge of God, but without God or knowledge of God man is nothing no matter how great his technology or conscious thought because just as man returns to dust so will his things.

But he that goes after God, God will manifest in him and God will allow him to know the will of God that God has for him.

Now then, the will of God truly is after the knowledge that that man has of God and the greater the knowledge that that man has of God thus the greater the will of God towards that man.

A Higher Consciousness

The path of less resistance or without contention not only leads to laziness or vanity but also leads to death. And death ends any possibility to any other possibilities, such as a higher consciousness with gladness and joy, in double abundance all five portions, and with the power and the authority of the heavens here on the earth.

I would like to be a successful writer

There are a lot of good writers out there, but only a few become successful. Ironically, however, success these days has nothing to do with good writing. It is really a matter of how the writer advertises or spends his money which he did not get through his writing. And so the more money he spends advertising his writing or book, the more successful he will be.

But I do not want to be a successful advertiser. I would like to be a successful writer just because I am a good writer…

All the skeletons are white

All the skeletons are white illuminated no matter the color of the firmament or of the peel or of the skin, but the color of the firmament or of the peel or of the skin speaks for one until one can speak for them. But if one does not speak for them in the day that one can, thus one will be a white skeleton as long as there is light and time, because one will also stop from being a skeleton…