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Most tears are not cried for those who arrive

Most tears are not cried for those who arrive, but for those who left dead and will always and forever stay there dead. Life is about life and the expanding of life first through birth alive and then through rebirth alive once the living being becomes conscious or self-aware. And once the living being becomes conscious or self-aware thus the conscious being really has the grandiose opportunity of rebirth or of life renewed or of becoming savior beloved and a step closer to life eternal.


One has to begin with something

One has to begin with something so that one can truly complete with something or one can become something more. And death was the failure to complete something or become something more. And one is already something and one can be even more when one seeks or does for the knowledge of rebirth because only through the knowledge of rebirth can one become more or as if another person and even with greater or higher or taller opportunities.

Believe in itself is not understanding

Believe in itself is not understanding or is not knowing. To understand or to know, one must do the motion to understand or to know. Understanding or knowing only comes about through knowledge. Knowledge comes about through search in the case of birth and knowledge or acknowledgement comes about through research in the case of rebirth. Knowledge has to do with life and the keeping or the maintaining of life. And when one comes to believe it is because one did the personal movement or the personal search to understand or to know. To understand or to know after the search is to be aware and consciously waiting for acknowledgement from above and with every acknowledgement from above the closer one gets to the right side of the Creator as the right side of the Creator if one chooses that side when offered to one by the Creator because only the Creator can offer one side or the other.

The ultimate particle

The ultimate particle or the ultimate piece or part is that very same particle or piece or part that started everything. And that is conscious thought, but conscious thought is only found in conscious living beings. And conscious living beings only come about through birth alive and the struggle to not only survive but also to understand or become aware that they exist and then do something about it, such as do for the knowledge of rebirth so that knowledge of rebirth they can have and be renamed into a higher conscious existence or awareness.

Being Born Again

Rebirth, reviving or being born again has nothing to do with death because death is the end of life, the end of the road to any other possibility to any other possibilities of life.

And Rebirth, reviving or being born again has everything to do with the continuation of life but the continuation of life with a greater title or with a greater identity of life as savior beloved of God…

For Peace and for Knowledge

Just as one contended or one fought in the womb of a woman for the peace and for the knowledge of life or of son, for peace and for knowledge one achieve or receive and in that peace be transformed in that knowledge of life or of son so that with life or as son one be born, thus in the very same manner in the womb which is the world one also must contend or fight for the peace and for the knowledge of rebirth in life or of being reborn as son beloved to be able to receive that peace and in her be transformed in that knowledge of rebirth and be reborn in life as son beloved…

Without Rebirth

Without rebirth in life there really is no continuation of life. Because in truth, as birth alive is the beginning of life thus rebirth alive is the completion or is the perfection of life, completion or perfection because with rebirth alive there is true gladness and true joy, there is peace and knowledge or a higher identity and there is abundance, double abundance which are the five portions of life alive or reborn…