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Do to have true faith

Do to have true faith so that through her or with her you can get to the edge of the heavens and the heavens will complete her as well as you and the earth will also become one with the heavens because the heavens will reward you for seeking faith because through her you have awaken the heavens and given the heavens importance and the reward to you truly is as grandiose as the heavens.


The True Gift from God

The true or the very grandiose gift from God begins with the true faith of God because of one’s search for God, God also being one and through one does or completes faith which once began with gladness and with joy and with all feeling of double abundance in anticipation for what was about to be arrived once one’s faith became complete as the faith of God…

Because in truth, for one to achieve the faith of God only is the very grandioso beginning of many beginnings and of many more anticipations until the heavens come down to the earth and the earth once again is united to the heavens and be the earth as if in the very heavens…

Because in truth, the heavens were not separated from the earth so that the heavens could be higher than the earth but so that the earth did for the heavens and the heaven come down to her and because of her the heavens truly become as another heavens and the earth also become as if another earth and all of that because of the true or the very grandioso gift of God of faith…

A greater identity as savior beloved

Searching and researching for God will be very fruitful to one because now there will be true faith of God in one when before there was none as one being one, one felt as if nothing before the faith of God…

Searching and researching for God will give one a greater identity as not only servant beloved of God but also will give one a greater identity as savior beloved of God and God also will have a greater identity as savior beloved of one…

True Faith and Adoption

Once one comes to have true faith, and one truly has true faith through search of oneself or by oneself, true faith one must nurture because to come to have true faith truly was a grandiose adoption of one toward that which is nurtured. True faith is not a rock or is not an object that one found and has her stored waiting that she reacts by herself or manifests for herself as the promise or as the reward, even though true faith is a grandiose gift or a reward for the search of oneself for God.

Existence as also is creation

Existence as also is creation and as also is faith truly is completely based on knowledge. And even though knowledge already exists, one must do for knowledge so that with that act of doing or with that act of the motion, one can truly receive knowledge so that one can take that form of that knowledge and one also can be born through her and be born alive, because without form nothing is born, even being born dead, is born with form!

Everything for nothing

If my faith does not take me to be renamed from above from the holy heavens and in life giving me new life, thus I have had faith in vain and for that I will continue to die until death!

Thus in truth, faith is as he that adopts and does not rename his adoption in the just moment as his inheritor, his adoption or his breeding was all for nothing or everything for vanity!

And so much will die he that adopted as he that was adopted if through that adoption they were not renewed or were not revived or were not reborn as one in complete abundance…

When one comes to have true faith

When one comes to have true faith, one now has one of two possibilities when before without faith there was only one possibility and that only possibility was to simply die and because of dying thus truly lose every possibility to any other possibility.

But he that comes to have true faith still has the possibility of dying and of losing life, but also he has the very grandiose possibility or opportunity of remaining with life and continue with life without having to die because he that came to have true faith, he truly has it because of an encounter with God and God promised him a grandiose promise, that if through her he does as once he also did for true faith, for the labor of her for her will he be rewarded and will truly be rewarded as savior beloved of God!