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The more one knows about the inspiring word

The more one knows about the inspiring word, the more the inspiring word will open up to one; the less one knows, the less the inspiring word will open up to one. So, get interested in the inspiring word so that the inspiring word which is the breath of God can respond to one or in one and with compounded interest because when God responds to one God not only responds with gladness and with joy and God also responds with the grandiose feeling of abundance but God also responds to one with a very grandiose promise having to do with power and riches.


Desire or interest amplifies one’s point of view

Desire or interest amplifies one’s point of view and the heavens will see one much better or higher or taller. When one becomes interested in learning or when one becomes glad and joyful about learning or knowing something, the brain practically expands the mind and also fills one with energy in anticipation of the knowledge about to be gained and in this state or stage truly a lot can be learned. Therefore, let one get interested in learning with gladness and with joy because the brain will allow for energy and the expansion of the conscious mind.

Effort and interest

When someone pretends to look for the truth and he asks one where one found the truth, thus obviously he never sought, not even once! Because the truth is really found with effort and with interest and when the truth is really found, the truth also is understood because now one is the very truth!

He that builds an arc of comfort

He that in truth studies the word, he is in truth building an arc of comfort, where the very question in truth is the glue and unites in truth the very small with the very large and unites also the very low with the very high and the interest is so great as the waters which brings comfort to the other side, leaving everything vain behind for a new life so complete in gladness and in joy as God!