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The lie has being the greater part of man

The lie weighs one down, but the truth lifts one high, very high as to the very heavens and the truth also makes or acknowledges one the very truth here on the very earth. The lie has being the greater part of man and the lie also is in most of what man believes. The lie was invented by someone with true knowledge because that someone was not acknowledged the use of that true knowledge with all power and with all authority because that power and that authority were for man. And because of the lie of that someone, man through life acted on the lie and very great was the fall of man because of dying through death until dead…

God and the atheist

Without God or without the knowledge of God there is no atheist because the greater part of being an atheist is God. An atheist puts himself before God to then deny or to put God after the very atheist. And so the atheist lives through his very denial! But imagine if the atheist truly accepted the creation of God because through the creation of God the atheist knows enough of God to stop denying God…

Now, one truly denies or truly rejects because one truly knows something or knows enough to deny or to reject that something. But if one truly knew God or of God, then one truly would want to know more of God because God truly wants one for something better and through God or because of God one will become much more. Why deny becoming more? To deny God is to deny all possibility of a better life or to deny all possibility of salvation because God is complete knowledge and through complete knowledge one can truly have a better life or be saved, which is to be reborn in order to continue alive in a better life right here on the very earth…

The eyes make full as make empty

What truly make things full are the eyes. And if the eyes are empty, then the things the eyes look at will also be empty. Thus, he that looks with empty eyes will not be seen because there will be an emptiness where he is. That is to say, the emptiness or the loneliness that one feels inside is emptiness or is loneliness that one also reflects outside. What truly fills the eyes so that the eyes can also fill things is true gladness because true gladness will attract or will bring true joy and both will give rebirth to one and one will be reborn in complete abundance because one is truly the complete abundance and once one has eyed anything, anything will be filled or will become also complete.

Believe and faith

Of no use is to believe in God if one repents not, which is to turn around and humble for the better! Of no use is to believe in God if one seeks him not, because in seeking God, God will allow one to draw near and be illuminated so that through the illumination of God, one has faith of God and through that faith of God, one be nurtured or be refined or be weaned as beloved of God and once fully nurtured or fully refined or fully weaned as beloved of God, one be called by God into the salvation of God…

Joy is a being of company

True joy is not a lonely being. True joy is a being of company. When one comes out from the loving grace of the father, one comes out filled with gladness and filled with joy so that one through them one can triumph and because of one triumphing, one can receive life and through life one takes form and with form one can be born and because of one being born, and born alive, one brings gladness and joy to the world which received one and the world filled with gladness and filled with joy can receive and reconfirm one to life. But after one is born and one grows, that very gladness and that very joy are forgotten by one and one once again must seek the way to come to that gladness and that joy which truly propelled one to overcome for life so that with life be born…

The bidding to revive

Those that truly know where they will truly go after they truly die will truly live here and live now and do the bidding or the call to revive or to be reborn. Because in truth, the call for life will be done right here where right here life was put or formed and those that are called for their bidding for life will be renamed alive into life and they will continue in life as with a very new form and things past as things that never were because the new keeps renewing or reviving thus leaving no room for anymore yesterdays.

The shape of likeness

When one likes something, both begin to take the shape of likeness. But when one hates something, both begin to deform, thus creating chaos. Now, chaos is not something without form. But chaos is something not complete and since chaos is not complete, chaos is not seeing or not understood but remains because of its incompleteness or deforming shape! And as long as one is confused or does not understand or even hates, thus one is in chaos or as if without shape and one begins to move toward that direction, the direction without form or shape until one is no longer and when one is no longer, no longer will there be the chaos or the deformed shape!

He that in reality changes

He that in reality changes is God because God renews through his perfection! And that which does not come to the perfection of God, thus that remains imperfection and because of its imperfection, that stops from doing and because that stops from doing, that stops renewing and because of not renewing, that stops from existing as part of the imperfection which that was.