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Reality is a point of view

Reality changes with knowledge and knowledge is gathered through motion or through doing and even through observation.

Thus, all trees look alike until they a given a name and so now those trees with names are seen more than other trees without names even though those trees without names are more than those with names.

And that is how reality is changed or expanded or even updated, knowledge and the greater or taller the knowledge thus the greater or taller reality.

That which already is will not arrive

That which already is will not arrive. And so to see that which is and cannot be seen, one has to believe; and believe is understanding. Believe, understand and see and thus become. But to truly believe one needs knowledge because knowledge gives form and reform and things are seen through there form. When one, for example, studies a certain tree or now knows the name of a certain tree thus one begins to see that certain tree in places where one once looked before but the certain tree was not seen.

Only a shadow

Only a shadow truly is without or a shadow has no shadow or truly is without or a shadow truly has no identity.

It was given to me the name of forester, the very same name of my father, the very same name which his parents also gave to him. And as a forester or as a stranger or without identity I truly grew even though I grew with the family of the woman that threw me into the world. And even though I grew in the same house of the mother of my mother, I had no shadow nor identity of son nor of brother nor I had the shadow or the identity of nephew nor of cousin, neither I knew that I was a grandson!

But I grew, but I grew with a very great emptiness and with a very great loneliness, so very great that emptiness and so very great that loneliness that they truly made me cry of so much pain and of anguish. And that very great emptiness and that very great loneliness and that very great pain were really caused by lack, by the very lack of the identity of one!

I truly did not know that the lack of something that one did not know caused so much pain, so much emptiness and also so much loneliness…

To create and to form

To create and to form are not the same, for to form was from what already was and to create was to take out from what never was, even though there was one. It only was created but once and all the rest was formed.

So God formed man with what already was and did not do a second creation for man. For, to form was truly to name alive so that with the name, form can be taken and the form is really proof of creation, of creation through name.

Now then, it was created only once, the rest was given form through simple living name.

The acknowledgement of God

God acknowledged or recognized what God had already given knowledge to. Through that acknowledgement of God to what already was, that which already was became as new! And that acknowledgement in truth is considered creation because creation takes the form according to the new knowledge or name granted.

For in truth, to name was to create and to rename was to recreate! With the rename, things already made became as things new and as if they have just being created…

God is creation

Creation already was, for God is creation! God adopted or renamed creation and creation took form, thus becoming as a new creation!

Thus, through the name or the knowledge given or granted to one, one takes form or reform as through acknowledgement one is renamed or revived and one’s or reforms is as if forever new!