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For Much More

He that once presented himself before his birth thus he truly presented himself for much more and after his birth he also presented himself for much more! And he that presents himself for rebirth or for salvation or for life renewed, he also must present himself for much more…

More Because of One

Existence became for more because of one even though she already was complete. And if one makes more existence even though already complete, thus both will become forever for much more and because of becoming forever for much more, thus both also forever will renew and also will become forever new, as if both were forever new and for much more…

To struggle with what cannot be seen

It is way too much easier to struggle or to fight with what can be seen and is. But to truly struggle or to truly fight with what cannot be seen thus one needs true knowledge so that with true knowledge present oneself and be seen and see oneself for more because for more one presented to the world and the world became for more because of one.

Easy things

To he who things come easily or without struggling for them, he thus uses them to really deceive or to mark or to seduce those who have them not. But when the rest come to really have things through themselves, then the things of he will stop from being because they never were truly his because he never shared or divided them so that they would multiply and he now would also have more.