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Do to have true faith

Do to have true faith so that through her or with her you can get to the edge of the heavens and the heavens will complete her as well as you and the earth will also become one with the heavens because the heavens will reward you for seeking faith because through her you have awaken the heavens and given the heavens importance and the reward to you truly is as grandiose as the heavens.

Flood falls and pounds on those who resist

Flood falls and pounds on those who resist, but the water with all its power fills and humbles to the smallest because of the smallest making the greater even greater. In the same manner, when one humbles to the heavens as more or for more thus the heavens will reward one because of one presenting the heavens as more or for more.

We have come to a point in time

We have come to a point in time where, unfortunately, fantasy is history, the future already is fact, and the past can be improved! Science has put a false memory before the living individual. But fortunate for the individual he can still do more for himself and become more by simply presenting himself as more or for more to the heavens because once the individual has presented himself as once he did after his birth, the individual has also presented the heavens for more and the heavens will not only acknowledge that individual with gladness, joy, peace and illumination but the heavens will also promise that individual a grandiose reward.

No one receives what is of God

No one receives what is of God without knowing the pleasure of God. And the pleasure of God is to make sure that one lacks nothing because of one presenting God for more or as more. When one is born alive into the world one has added to the world and the world became more because of one and the world began to feed one five different ways and then a sixth way when one became self-aware or conscious. And if one did with consciousness or with that sixth way for rebirth or for acknowledgement from above from the heavens then the heavens will become for more and will reward for one as more or for more as savior beloved of the heavens.

The word is clear to the first born

The word is clear to the first born, but the first born requires a stutterer so that the first born can understand the clear word of his loving father. But the word is for every one individually because he who reads or studies or even interprets the word really is doing it for himself even though he reads or spreads the word to another. Therefore, to truly get close to God one must do the search for oneself because God is personal and intimate as the creation of God is personal and intimate with God. And just as God truly became greater or higher or taller in the very heavens and the heavens became for more due to his creation of creation, one therefore will become greater or higher or taller through one’s search of God because through one’s search of God one already has confirmed God and God will reward one with gladness and joy and with more for that very search or confirmation of God…

God as Creator is a Conscious Effort

God as Creator is a conscious effort. To name or to adopt willingly truly is a conscious effort. To truly believe is a conscious effort because true believe drives the believer to achieve or to manifest the things of God as loving Creator and then as much more so that God as much more can be manifested or shown or be seen in the true believer…Now, a true believer is he that not only God has rewarded with true gladness and with true joy and also has rewarded him with the true feeling of abundance, which is the true anticipation of things to come because they already are, but also God has promised the true believer with a very grandiose reward…But that very grandiose reward or recompense depends once again upon the believer and the greater the believer believes thus the greater the reward or the recompense will be because the greater God will be…

God is Life

He that puts God into trials, thus he dies dying until he completely dies! And death never was reward. He that believes that death is reward, thus he not only serves the enemy of life but also he is enemy of God because God is life and He is in complete gladness and in complete joy and also God is life renewed in double abundance, which truly are five portions!

True Faith and Adoption

Once one comes to have true faith, and one truly has true faith through search of oneself or by oneself, true faith one must nurture because to come to have true faith truly was a grandiose adoption of one toward that which is nurtured. True faith is not a rock or is not an object that one found and has her stored waiting that she reacts by herself or manifests for herself as the promise or as the reward, even though true faith is a grandiose gift or a reward for the search of oneself for God.

Thirst or lack or the grandiose motive of her

Thirst or lack or the grandiose motive of her truly is to give knowledge of life so that through that knowledge of life one does to know life and through life one truly can be reborn or one takes the reward which life alive has or which is life revived.

Without life one cannot be born and without thirst one cannot maintain life. Without life one cannot be reborn so that with life be able to continue. But the thirst of life is temporary until one dies or until one is reborn. But the thirst to revive or to be reborn to keep on or continue with life nothing has to do with water or with food. To revive or be reborn neither has to do with death, because to revive or to be reborn one has to be alive. If something has to die so that one does not have to die truly is death herself. And he that has already died to death, thus he truly has lost every opportunity of rebirth or of reviving.