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Neither food nor money was found

Neither food nor money was found for that man that died of hunger, but when he died more than enough food and money was found; for, for the dead always was food and money and always was food and money because there always was food and money but those with the food and with the money denied the dying to pretend to enjoy with the living after the death of the starving man. Thus, most live in a world that is interested more in the dead than in the living.


Imitation is to obey

Imitation is to obey or is to complete the law that is from above. And the law that is from above is obeyed or is complete by being reborn alive in life and before death because death is the end of any law and the end of any birth or life. Thus, to disobey the law even though a temporary law is death and the end of ever completing the law which is to become or make the law obsolete through rebirth and thus making the law or the command as if it never ever was a law or a command because now one has become the law.

One has to begin with something

One has to begin with something so that one can truly complete with something or one can become something more. And death was the failure to complete something or become something more. And one is already something and one can be even more when one seeks or does for the knowledge of rebirth because only through the knowledge of rebirth can one become more or as if another person and even with greater or higher or taller opportunities.

When one falls

When one falls it has nothing to do with punishment from above. The heavens truly allowed man consciousness or mental awareness but man used that gift or liberty to sin against the heavens and the heavens gave the punishment of death but the punishment was not instantly because the punishment of death had a clause. And that clause was repentance. And as long as man truly repented thus the longer life man would have from the heavens and man as well as the heavens would have abundantly.

Being Born Again

Rebirth, reviving or being born again has nothing to do with death because death is the end of life, the end of the road to any other possibility to any other possibilities of life.

And Rebirth, reviving or being born again has everything to do with the continuation of life but the continuation of life with a greater title or with a greater identity of life as savior beloved of God…

The Road to Salvation

The road to salvation is a very narrow road and also very long and also very lonely and the great majority of men never come to that road and even less cross it no matter the belief of those men…

Because in truth, after death there no longer is belief in the dead and even less there is a road…

But through true faith or true belief one truly is one’s very own road of salvation and of abundance as the light abundantly illuminates through her very self and is her very road…