Monthly Archives: April 2019

One is a copy of reality or existence

Depart from reality or existence and one will see her. One is part of reality or existence and when one really changes or improves so does reality or existence.


Inspiration becomes when one confirms a Higher Consciousness

True inspiration becomes when one confirms or acknowledges a higher mental consciousness.

That is to really say, true inspiration only comes when one seeks or presents or practically confirms a higher or taller authority such as God, which is real knowledge.

And as one presented one oneself to God, which really is a higher consciousness or which is real knowledge, that higher consciousness or real knowledge will really begin to inspire one as a token or as a gift of thanks…

But not only that, because that inspiration will be filled with wisdom of heart…

Teaching Grammar a Good Lesson

My grammar was so bad that I had to teach or correct her before every period, but I never got to too many periods because I was too busy correcting even before I started.

And so I decided to deal with my bad grammar after the last period no matter how many comas or misspelled words.

And so, I got further coming back than pausing forward to teach grammar a good lesson…

Life before rebirth is a virus

A virus or bacteria or even a cell needs a host to keep alive, multiply and even expand to keep alive. If a virus or bacteria or even a cell does not find a host, thus the virus or bacteria or even a cell dies and that is the end.

Life before rebirth or before refreshing or before renewing really is a virus or bacteria or a cell that will die if life before death does not seek or find a host. And that host is God.

And if God is truly sought, thus God will transform or reform life as if a new life through rebirth or through life renewed.

Now, rebirth or life renewed or born again really is a higher or taller consciousness granted only in life by God, God being a higher or taller consciousness…