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One’s possessions are but one’s limits

One’s possessions are but one’s limits and the more the possessions of one, thus the more the limits of one. That is the very reason that one has to have real acknowledgement because with real acknowledgement thus there are not any limits even though one is complete.


The more understanding of reality

The more understanding of reality one has of reality, the greater reality will be to one as one will be to reality. Reality or existence has to do with knowledge and acknowledgement, even unseen reality has to do with knowledge and acknowledgement.

The worse enemy is one

The worse enemy is one. One can truly be many great things. But one can also be nothing if nothing one does. One has the power to attract more, but if one turns down that power then one attracts nothing and nothing one becomes when finally one stops from existing. When one entered the world from the womb of a woman one did not only present oneself as one and for one but also one presented oneself for more and more was given to one even before one became more through a higher identity or through conscious thought.

One casted one’s eyes into infinity

One casted one’s eyes into infinity. One eye rolled to the left and the other eye rolled to the right. When they rested, infinity had shrunk. But one also had shrunk because as infinity divides infinity becomes smaller instead of multiplying with that division. But if one adds to infinity as one did when one was born alive into the world, infinity will also add to one gladness and joy and also add to one the very grandiose feeling of abundance or of plenitude in the very grandiose anticipation of greater or higher or taller things to come or become because of one adding to what was already perfect but yet unseen by one.

To oneself

To oneself, one is the worst of enemies. When one wants the most to really multiply, the more one divides. And when one has to divide, one becomes much less. And the reason for that truly is because of lack of knowledge or because of the lack of a greater or a higher or taller identity. That is to say, because of one not knowing the greater capability that truly is in one or with one thus one cannot do more than one until that greater or higher or taller identity truly is rediscovered.

A Very Simple Illustration

The word begins with a very simple illustration of how one enters into where already one is or was in complete or in perfect harmony, the five portions of life before birth and of new life after rebirth, which are gladness and joy, abundance of substance or of plenitude, and peace and knowledge or acknowledgement of life in life to continue in life here on the very earth as if in the very heavens…