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The truth is whatever one makes of her

The truth truly is whatever one makes her to be. But one must be careful with her, because if one does not use her as a guide or helper thus she will bring one trouble because of her not knowing what to do with one or for one.

Therefore, use or seek the truth to become the truth herself and thus reality as the truth herself will be as one is or as one makes but without the chaos or mess.

Reality is a point of view

Reality changes with knowledge and knowledge is gathered through motion or through doing and even through observation.

Thus, all trees look alike until they a given a name and so now those trees with names are seen more than other trees without names even though those trees without names are more than those with names.

And that is how reality is changed or expanded or even updated, knowledge and the greater or taller the knowledge thus the greater or taller reality.

Life is a request for more

Life truly is a request or a presentation for more. Life is a multitude and once one is born one can also become that multitude.

God is the giver or the granter of conscious life because God is a higher consciousness but even though God is the giver or the granter of conscious life, God does not obligate anyone beyond consciousness because conscious beings should seek a higher consciousness which is God or with God.

And as life is a receiver, God is the giver. Life is the request and God is the grant. And if a conscious being wants a higher consciousness or an expansion of mental consciousness or a greater state of mind thus he requests from God the higher consciousness and God will grant because He also will receive what He gives or grants…

Conscious life continues after rebirth

Once one puts limits on life or does nothing for her one loses her and everything that was involved with her.

Conscious life is about everything, except nothing because nothing is death or brings death or brings a dead end.

Life begins after rebirth and rebirth really is the continuation of life as birth is the beginning, but the beginning of physical life.

And to continue that beginning or the birth, thus one must therefore enter into consciousness, the key to life and the continuation of her but as if a new or renewed conscious being.

Thus life really is about everything, but everything with a greater or taller consciousness…


Birth only is from a man and from a woman even though the child came out from the woman as the seed only came out from a man.

But that woman will only have a child if that woman knew a man and she humbled to that man and that man impregnated her with his seed of man.

But rebirth only is for the conscious beings and it is only through their very mouth and never ever through the mouth of another, as many have come to believe that it has already been done for them…

Thus, to be reborn or to receive rebirth one must be alive and conscious because one must accept for oneself rebirth, which really is an expansion of mental consciousness with gladness and with joy and also with the good feeling of abundance or of a greater or taller presence…

The Conscious Shield

Thinking or conscious thought will one day keep the universes or creation as well as mankind from collapsing. Conscious thought will be the conscious shield that will keep the simple universes or creation from collapsing or from imploding into a giant black hole or into a giant grave.

Conscious thought will be the conscious shield or the conscious energy that will one day really keep the simple human conscious mind or the human brain from physically collapsing or from physically imploding also into a hole or into a grave, thus saving the physical universes or saving creation and thus completing or really perfecting physical Existence or physical creation!

The final reality of the matter is that as long as there is conscious thought in the physical universe or physical universes, the physical universes or physical creation will not collapse or will not implode or will not even turn on itself.

The reality of the matter is that there was only one physical creation or only one physical beginning, actually a physical continuation of what already was. As long as there is conscious thought, only one physical beginning or only one physical continuation or only one physical creation will be so until infinity!