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The key of immortality

True or royal knowledge truly is the key or the corner stone of true or royal immortality, which is in royal life and is accepted by the mortal before dying to never ever die.

He that has died has lost the very grandiose opportunity to true or royal immortality; he has even lost royal salvation which is the first royal step toward true or royal immortality.

The living tongue of oneself truly is the path, an unknown and as of yet unbeaten path or never ever walked on by anybody on the earth. And one truly is the door, the door of oneself and never ever the door of another as neither another ever is or will be the door of one but the door for himself…

Contention and Salvation

Without contention there is no salvation. He that does not wear a girdle and seeks or runs for the truth of life thus he will die and because of dying thus he was born in vain. Because in truth, to die was because of living in vain or in vanity!

Because of not Doing

He that has very easily without doing, it will be very impossible for him to do and not being able to do because of not knowing, he will not be able to be reborn and because of not being able to be reborn thus he will die. And to die was because of not doing and because of not doing, not understanding and not coming to respond to the grandioso call of salvation…

To Enter

He that believes that to die is to enter into another life, especially when he did nothing for life and for that reason he lost life, thus he is mistaken! Because in truth, to enter into another life is to be reborn in life or be born anew and continue with life here on the very earth with complete gladness and with complete joy and with complete abundance and also with the complete power and the complete authority of the holy heavens!

When one was confirmed into the world as son

When one was confirmed into the world as son, as son one did in the world such as to see as son, to hear as son, to feel as son, to speak as son. And one’s parents also begun to do as much more for the fact of becoming parents but that act of parents came to the limit because they truly could not see beyond and stopped from being parents for coming to die and the son also stopped from being son even though alive…

Without Rebirth

If one came out or if one were thrown out from the womb of a man into the womb of the world, one would die even though in a multitude. If one came out or if one were thrown from the womb of a woman before one was formed, one would die. And if one came out or if one were thrown from the womb of the world into outer space, even though a man and a multitude of forms, one will die!

Because in truth, without birth nothing is born! And without rebirth, nothing survives or nothing lives on. But once one is reborn or one is renewed, the earth is as if a new earth and to leave it is as useless as emptiness because now the earth is more abundant because of one’s rebirth.

Now then, rebirth has nothing to do with dying or nothing to do with death because rebirth truly has to do everything with life as birth has everything to do with life. And death is because of the lack of life, because of the lack of the continuation of life or because of the lack of the expansion of life.