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Life is a request for more

Life truly is a request or a presentation for more. Life is a multitude and once one is born one can also become that multitude.

God is the giver or the granter of conscious life because God is a higher consciousness but even though God is the giver or the granter of conscious life, God does not obligate anyone beyond consciousness because conscious beings should seek a higher consciousness which is God or with God.

And as life is a receiver, God is the giver. Life is the request and God is the grant. And if a conscious being wants a higher consciousness or an expansion of mental consciousness or a greater state of mind thus he requests from God the higher consciousness and God will grant because He also will receive what He gives or grants…

Giving thanks completes

Things are truly enjoyed more when one gives thanks. And if the thing asked for comes but is not as asked, thus giving thanks completes it. Now, to give thanks is to ask truly for the presence of God so that not only one can truly enjoy what one has received with gladness and joy but also so that God also can truly enjoy with gladness and joy what one received or the thing one requested from God. But the truth is that God will present himself with gladness and with joy and even with his loving grace and truly enjoy himself when the thing one requests from God is asked from God but according to the will of God and not according to one’s will.

Because of One Adding

Because of one adding to existence, not only will one become for more as savior but also existence will become for more than just simple existence…

And one adds more through request for more so that more also is added to one and not only one becomes for much more but also existence becomes for much more…

And once one is added as much more, thus not only one will be renewed forever but also existence will be renewed forever and both will be for one because of one adding…

Peace and Knowledge

In the great majority of time there will be shadows or there will be darkness before the very light arrives, but he that rejected darkness even though in her, he came to know the light and because of her he will have consul and because of her he will rest to complete his form with what he truly presented himself with and he truly presented himself with knowledge to the world and the world truly confirmed him with his form because of his form speaking for him according to the very knowledge which he brought or he presented himself with. And his form will continue speaking and requesting for he until he can speak and can request for her and for her speak and request for her, but if he does not speak and does not request for his form, his form he will lose and because of losing his form he will stop from existing.

To die was not to achieve life with God

To die was not to achieve life with God because to continue with life one has to continue life with God but with God as much more than Creator and one as much more than one or than servant beloved of God. Thus, the more one makes God or the more one knows or one recognizes God, the more God will be to one and because of one being more to God, God will become for much more every time God does for one or God grants to one the request of one that one makes toward God.

A holy wound

The lack of love of others in one only true love can take out and true love is from the very heavens, but will come to one with only one requesting! But be very careful with that request of being beloved with true love because even though it takes out the pain of loneliness and the pain of feeling useless, true love truly can take one to a very long and holy wound called desolation! And a holy wound can only be cured by a holy one, and there is only a holy one!

When the reinforcements do not arrive

The reinforcements arrive so that one fights and overcomes when there is nothing to fight with. If the reinforcements do not arrive even though they were requested for, then it is because one still has what to fight with and overcomes with but one knows not how to use what is left!

That is the very reason that one must request knowledge, to thus be able to use what one already has because if one knows not how to use what one has, thus useless will it be to request for more!

Of what was is what is

Of what truly was thus it is and what will truly come will truly come because it truly is. That is, it is truly formed or it is given true knowledge from what truly is or from what truly has arrived. Because in truth, what really arrives brings true knowledge but true knowledge of what already really was.